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Insert Ominous Music Part II

Posted by Possum Comitatus on September 4, 2007

We haven’t looked at how the dynamics between the satisfaction ratings, the beauty pageant contest (preferred PM) and the primary votes have been playing out for a while. So without further ado, a quick short post filled with graphics.







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4 Responses to “Insert Ominous Music Part II”

  1. Charles said

    Thanks for beating the data to a pulp, it’s very interesting.

  2. Enemy Combatant said

    The Candidate is The Message.

  3. alpal said

    Its a Presidential election. R vs H. Preferred PM is finally becoming an important measure of political success/failure. The “rusted ons” are a diminishing number. It used to be 45/45. Now more like 35/35 and 30 undecided.

  4. chinda63 said

    Actually, alpal, I’d argue that the figures indicate that it’s the the LIBERAL rusted-ons that are the diminishing number. Labor’s figures are actually getting stronger, if you look at the trends over the past few months. Definitely more people rusting-on for Labor, in my opinion.

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