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Get well Matty Price

Posted by Possum Comitatus on October 8, 2007

From Tim Blair:



30 Responses to “Get well Matty Price”

  1. That’s five shades of awful. Get well Matt.

  2. Kevin Brady said

    Professionally, as one of the few good and readable political commentators in the Oz MSM, I hope that Matt is back in circulation soon. Personally, I just hope that you are able to beat this, mate.

  3. Burgey said

    All the best Matt. A writer with a sense of humour and doesn’t take things, or himself too seriously.

    Get Well and soon.

  4. Kramer said

    He is one of the finest journalists at The Australian. Good luck Matt, I hope the treatment isn’t too severe.

  5. Thunderpaw said

    This is awful news Matt. Will be waiting for your return soon.

  6. Lord D said

    Get well, Matt. I enjoy your funny columns.

  7. What goes around said

    Get well Matt, my thoughts go to your family.

  8. janice said

    Hang in there Matt and best wishes for a full recovery. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  9. Nostradoofus said

    Hang in there Matt. Fight the good fight for your kids mate. Think positive. I’m sure Uncle Rupert will get the best in the business and sort this out.

  10. Evan said

    “He is one of the finest journalists at The Australian…” writes Kramer. Actually, I reckon he’s the only political journo worthy of the name at the Gov Gazette. Kelly and that shonk Shanaham aren’t even in the same room.

    A shit of a thing to happen to him. I hope the poor bugger makes it.

  11. Roger WA said

    Shit Matt:
    Bugger of a message. Still, life IS good. Anyone with your wit and aplomb has several lives; and I expect you to live ’em all to the full. Get well, carpe diem, and continue to rouse the unthinking. Love to you and to yours

  12. Crikey Whitey said

    Go your hardest, Matt. All heartfelt wishes to you and yours. Oz readers and radio listeners will be missing and cheering for you.

  13. Helen said

    Positive, strong thoughts for Matt, his family, friends and supporters, for as long as it takes.

    Gut-wrenching to hear this about someone I respect for his writing and opinions and admire for his professionalism, his wit and his willingness to respond to his bloggers.

  14. Bloody hell, that comes as a shock. Top journo, engages with his readers, is actually quite sensible (unlike others at the aptly named ‘government gazette’), AND A DOCKERS SUPPORTER!

    Thinking of another great WA journo, Wally Foreman – I hope Matt gets well, and fast.

  15. Samuel K said

    Matt, that’s just shocking news. Feels like it is happening to a member of the family or a friend in many ways – I love reading your articles and locking horns on your Australian website blog.

    Get well soon mate.

  16. BV said

    Best of luck Matt – I hope you pull through. Thoughts and love to you and your family.

  17. blindoptimist said

    You’re a very perceptive and funny man, Matt Price. You obviously have a host of admirers and supporters too. I hope you get through this and wish you luck & strength in the days ahead.

  18. We’ll all be thinking of you Matt. Your writings are much valued and provide a bright and entertaining insight into a murky world. Be well

  19. pjw said

    All the very best Matt.You’ll be fine mate.

  20. GS said

    You will beat this.

  21. James said

    Awful news. All the best in a hard time, Matt.

  22. Paul said

    Get well, Matt.

  23. Bernard said

    Whereas my own little blog pen has scribed against you from time to time, I do genuinely respect you Matt Price. I wish your family so well during this time. With others, I also think you were far far better than The Australian deserved. The skidding Kelly, the quaint Shanahan, not to mention fringe dwellers like shrilly Janet, will remain always far behind you. Your family must be so proud of you.

  24. Lomandra said

    Good luck, Matt. Hope the news is good and your recovery is speedy.

  25. Mercurius said

    An awful turn of events. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to you and your family, Matt.

  26. Why said

    Matt,we send you, your wife and families all the strength and love you will need at this time.
    Your wit and perception is a bright light that shines on our political media.

  27. blacklight said

    well that was bloody awful news 😦

  28. lurch said

    I am so sorry to hear that news. My mother and I enjoy your wit and perceptions on “the Insiders” television program and “the Australian” newspaper.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery on todays operation and our payers are with you and your family.

  29. Scott said

    Best wishes Matt- I look forward to hearing about your full recovery and I hope you and your family hold up well.

  30. jerry said

    Very sad news on Matt price -we wish him and his family well.

    On a different note just followed link to tim blair’s site.
    What a nasty little chap he is with not one single original idea or concept to offer.It was all bitter one-liners about what other people are DOING. If this is meant to be satire then The Chaser with their 6th form efforts just shitall over him. And his audience to a person were a name-calling, racist, sarcastic, mean-spirited, thunderingly un-witty mob and some chap was even talking about shooting people. Nice one! I felt dirty just reading this crap. Really repulsive hate-filled stuff that represents the absolute arse-end the net. Why would this Blair want to post Matt Price’s bad news here?

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