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Posted by Possum Comitatus on October 8, 2007


Business as usual.

Nothing to see here folks, please move on.


13 Responses to “New ACN”

  1. Andos the Great said

    Yes, indeed.
    I have to say, after listening to John Stirton talking to Marius Benson on News Radio this morning I am glad that the parallel between 2007 and 1996, in terms of the polling, is finally being drawn.
    If the Coalition comes anywhere near retaining government in this election it will be the most amazing electoral turn-around that we have ever seen here.

  2. […] is, as always, happening at The Poll Bludger, and Possum Comitatus has also posted this one so keep an eye out for some more insightful analysis […]

  3. Burgey said

    Is there a Newspoll tomorrow?

  4. Kit said

    There is something to see Possum … a car crash in slow motion.

    One thing though! What is with the economic manager conundrum? I would say that the question has been taken by those polled as ‘who is the best purely economic manager?’ That is, people are answering the question as they would a question about the best financial advisor, i.e. they want the most conservative and risk adverse accountant around that will ensure a reasonable retirement income?

    However, voters seem to want to vote on some other criteria. Maybe, who is going to spend the money well? We are sick and tired of the accountants and the ‘economy’ and just may want the ‘vision’ thing. Of course this does not compute with the Libs or the political commentariat of the MSM. They are very confused that the economy is not ‘everything’ to voters – they still believe they have been a great government, despite the skills shortage, hospital crisis, spiralling education costs, economic capacity constraints, interest rate rises etc… etc…

    Their denial is why the Coalition will never claw back the required voters.

  5. steve_e said

    At some point, hopefully in the next few days, there will become a consistent view among the voters that the Coalition is doing its best to avoid starting the formal election process. The reasons for this delay are obvious and are well covered on this site.

    If by Sunday 13 October JWH does not meet with the Governor General to start the formal election process, then Parliament is due to sit for the next session. This would prove interesting – no Dining Room for Members (it is being renovated), no offices for retiring members (they are being refurbished for the new tenants), and not much to talk about in the Parliament. There is a cost to fly members and their staff back to Canberra and for the Parliament to sit. There is a cost to the economy in deferring the start of the election. From what is now being published, the media will collectively be putting real pressure on if Parliament sits again.

    A Constititional provision means that Parliament dissolve 3 years after it started in mid November if there is no move to start the formal election process. If Parliament continues to this point in time, then a new and unchartered Constitutional issue arises about who then starts the formal election process if the Cabinet does not initiate the process.

  6. The Doctor said

    Interesting, the 43% who think it doesn’t really matter who’s in charge plus 12% who regard the Labor party as the better economic managers gives what seems to be the Labor party’s floor of 55% TPP.
    Which goes some way to explaining why it stops there.

    the Constitution is quite clear about who starts the formal election process. The Governor-General, alone, can call an election at any time, and if things go to mid-November probably sack the PM at the same time!

  7. Sean said

    I think there’s some awareness in the electorate that in an age of free market globalisation the Government control of the economy has been effectively nuetered by the raft of free market reforms (deregulation, decentralisations, depoliticsations, binding trade agreements etc). Ross Gittins wrote a good article in the Herald on this last week. People I think are beginning to get a sense that the economy is too big, too complex and too cyclical in nature for any one person, let alone little johnny, to have a handle on. The resources boom has helped with this. Really, the only people who think the Government ‘manage’ the economy these days seem to be rump of neo marxists and the vast majority of the political commetariate who have a vested interest in pushing the notion since it validates the excessive volume of media content generated around it. I hope that Labor have worked out a response to the economic scare campaign that these charlatons are about to unleash.

  8. steve said

    Apparently the Libs have leaked some polling saying all is not well in the seat of Ryan.


  9. KC said


    That ping back at post 2 looks like they were expecting some insightful analysis from you.

    Maybe you should say a bit more, the narrowing continues, squeezing the cr*p out of the libs?

  10. Possum Comitatus said

    You beat me to it Steve!

    KC, I’m serious – business as usual, nothing to see here folks.

    Single polls are getting hard to blog on for every poll just because there’s nothing that can be said that hasnt already been said a hundred times.

    “Government rooted, again… Clock counts down to annihilation day” has basically summed up every poll in isolation since February.I can see why the journos are having trouble producing copy on poll commentary.

  11. fred said

    Does Rudd being the leader seen as “having a better vision for the future” in ACN equate to the ALP so-called soft voters in Morgan thinking that “Australia is heading in the right direction”?

  12. Possum Comitatus said

    It makes you wonder Fred.When you combine the “think will win” voters with the this better vision of the future stuff, and look at the Morgan soft voter measure – it doesnt seem to be too much of a jump to suggest that some people think Rudd will win, they like his direction and hence the country is heading in the right direction.

  13. Ptobias said

    I think Fred’s idea makes sense – certainly more sense than calling such people “soft Labor” voters. In fact, if anyone ever bothered to poll me I’d respond exactly the way Possum has described. I believe that we are about to see the end of the Howard Government; therefore, I believe that we are clearly headed in the right direction. I also happen to think this Kevin from Queensland has a better vision for the future than the myopic conservative windbags on the other side. QED.

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