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Howard casts his Shadow

Posted by Possum Comitatus on October 28, 2007


One of the funnier things about elections is the briliant photos of opportunity that get thrown up.

This one came from Paul Miller of AAP, published at at the ABC.


Peter Tucker from the Tassie Times, Online Opinion and all round pollyjunkie extraordinaire has a blog well worth visiting at:


Go on … have a squiz – I promise, he only has one head :mrgreen:


21 Responses to “Howard casts his Shadow”

  1. CL de Footscray said

    He is not a happy man. He doesn’t look particularly fit, either.

  2. sculls said

    Has John worked out the walking route from Kirribilli to Wollestonecraft yet?

  3. George said

    Does anyone remember a comedy sketch about John Howard’s “greatest falls” or something along those line? It was either the Chaser boys or the Glass House? I’m trying to track it down.

  4. Vogon Poet said

    It was Chaser. It was from the first Season of Chaser’s War on Everything.

  5. Vogon Poet said

    It was advertising for a DVD called the Complete Walks of John Howard. Is that what you mean?

  6. George said

    No,not the complete walks, I know that one. It was a video montage of all the times John Howard tripped over.

  7. Matthew Kopelke said

    Good to see John walking around the Liberal party’s Federal headquarters during the campaign. Didn’t realise, however, that they were taking the polls so seriously!

  8. Eljenxo said

    Mmmmm…..he’s quite paunchy these day’s. Looks like he has been busy chowing down on some of Joe Hockey’s hamburgers…..

  9. Kirribilli Removals said

    Who or what, on earth, are those two shadows over his left shoulder?

    Maybe we need a caption competition for these two gremlins?

    You know, one gremlin says to the other: Who was that old guy walking past?

    Other gremlin: Oh, just a shadow of his former self!

  10. Bushfire Bill said

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Is Howard sick?

    (Definitive and knowledgeable replies only thanks).

  11. Enemy Combatant said

    The danger sign here is the bloke casting his shadow over PROGRESS.

  12. Gaz Footiscray said

    Kirribilli Removals- for mine, that’s cracked it as the funniest, silly joke of the entire campaign so far. Leunig couldn’t draw better cartoon gremlins. What elements of humour doesn’t that photo have?

  13. wilful said

    What’s he got playing through the headphones? Motivational speakers? Don Bradman’s biography? Orders from Murdoch (this tape will self-destruct…)? Or just Alan Jones?

  14. Evan said

    Hmmm, Demolition Work in Progress. Says it all, really.

  15. Not A Doctor said

    “Is there a doctor in the house?
    Is Howard sick?
    (Definitive and knowledgeable replies only thanks).”

    In general (and for very good reasons), it is a big no-no for a doctor to either make a diagnosis of someone they have not properly examined, or to make a diagnosis public without the patient’s consent. A doctor could be struck off the register for that kind of behaviour.

    Doubt you will get many takers, certainly not legitimate and competent ones.

  16. canberra boy said

    wilful (#13) – Howard is known to listen to Radio National Breakfast on weekday mornings, but who knows what it was this morning.

  17. Scorpio said

    That shadow over the left shoulder, if I didn’t know better, looks suspiciously like Peter Costello with a knife in his hand, raised up ready to strike Howard right between the shoulder blades.

    Not quite sure who the accomplice is though, looks shorter and a bit bald, could be Nelson by the looks of the shadow.

  18. paul said

    Are the headphones a new addition to avoid being heckled again?

  19. Gazzard said


    It’s probably Bob Dylan. We all know how much of a fan he is….of the music, man…the music…

  20. stevet said

    Malcom Turbull is the consturction manager on the site.

  21. Crikey Whitey said

    Possum, I am getting Word Press Error at Pollbludger. Is it me or William?

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