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Yes, William has eaten his bandwidth

Posted by Possum Comitatus on October 28, 2007

It’s true – the minions of BillBowe Baggins and his Pollbludger have eaten the bandwidth dry.

But do not despair fellow pollyjunkies, I’m sure our usual schedule will resume shortly :mrgreen:

[and now it has]


29 Responses to “Yes, William has eaten his bandwidth”

  1. Why said

    Hey Poss thank you for that info, was getting withdrawals.

  2. barbara said

    funny that this was the site I went to first, looking for answers (I thought maybe a ‘rogue’ 65/35 poll had just been released….)

  3. codger said

    Dear Poss we need to focus on apologist-at-Loose: one month to put Rudd under pressure etc. which kind of sort of you know like err or as Paul eloquently put it ‘Itar Itar’; where the F have you been for the last err itar itar 12 years; oh I know ‘the genius of howard lies’; OZ is about to go subprime feral…non? Mr Bowe needs a slot machine.

  4. I blame The Age.

  5. I also blame this goddamn endless campaign. I’m as much a politics junkie as the next pollbludger commenter, but even I’m starting to get fed up. I just want election night to happen, and for JWH to cry as he concedes. If that makes me a bad person, I don’t want to be good.

  6. Crikey Whitey said

    This is O My God stuff! What money should we send to William, to ensure the essential future?

    Hat, all.

    (Am posting from a different address, Possum)

  7. Scorpio said

    I haven’t been able to do a posting since about 3.00 EST and am suffering withdrawal symptoms myself.

    Am missing Glen’s thoughtful postings also. They’re part of my daily entertainment.

    Cheers to all.

  8. codger said

    Windows Genuine Advantage strikes again; plus rodent time server set everything to 1916 the ‘other’ day; give the Age a break Anthony.
    Btw Poss don’t forget that new random variable:2niteAD for the next set…

  9. HarryH said

    i new William’s site was gonna kark it. it was getting a facial twitch…and had a dodgy hip…and you could tell dementia was creeping in.

    it was inevitable the cranky ol bastard pollbludger was gonna up and have a stroke………..

  10. psephoblog said

    Much as I love Pollbludger, this is William’s own fault for allowing so much party-political spam to flood through his blog. It wouldn’t cost him (and his supporters) so much if he was more restrictive.

  11. Jenny said

    Is this the real Y2K bug? I’m supposedly on maximum bandwidth, but all evening I’ve found it slow downloading politics-related sites in Australia. Possum, you could be next!

  12. Crispy said

    William, open this door! William!? Wiiiiilliam! (Little Flintstones ref there)

    I have to dump this somewhere…

    “A Daily Telegraph-Galaxy Poll to be published this morning found voters in two seats – in which former trade union officials are running for Labor – were not bothered by the Coalition’s warning about union influence on a possible Rudd government.

    The polling was conducted in the Liberal-held seats of Dobell (where former Health Services Union national secretary Craig Thomson is running) and Lindsay (where Labor’s candidate is Australian Services Union official David Bradbury).

    Only 27 per cent of respondents in the seats said the ex-union leaders were poor choices as candidates, while 45 per cent said they were good choices.

    The poll revealed the Liberals are on track to lose both seats, and are in danger in the equally marginal electorates of Paterson (held by Bob Baldwin) and Robertson (which belongs to Local Government Minister Jim Lloyd).”

    Steady as she goes. Okay, now I can go to bed…

  13. psephoblog said

    History will record that this was one of the worst campaigns ever run by the federal Libs, because it is based on a totally false premise: that the floating voters hate and fear trade unions. In fact only the Libs’ small business base hate and fear unions. The floating voters are either indifferent or pro-union.

  14. Bob Downe said

    That sounds like party-political spam to me, Adam.

  15. psephoblog said

    I, like everyone else, will post party-political spam at any blog where I am allowed to do so. If William bans it at Pollbludger, or if Possum bans it here, I won’t post it. if they don’t, I will.

  16. Crikey Whitey said

    It is not about banning. Free speech rules.

    The difficulty seems to me that the free loaders, that is the trolls, chew up the bandwidth/money.

    Something, a number of threads ago, I suggested is their deliberate intention.

    Posters need to be aware, and to cease responding unnecessarily to the trolls.

    I would of course, wish to post this on William’s site.


    So, thank you, Possum, for this hearing.

  17. canberra boy said

    Following Crispy’s lead, the Daily Tele says that a Galaxy poll taken from Wed to Sat in Lindsay, Dobell, Robertson & Paterson gave a 54-46 2pp for Labor. No details on sample size, and no figures by seat.

    …the Liberal primary vote in the four marginals had fallen 8 per cent since the 2004 election, while Labor’s support had risen by 9 per cent.

    Galaxy found 57 per cent of voters were satisfied with the performance of their MPs and only 28 per cent dissatisfied, with 15 uncommitted.

    This was a sign that broader issues, and personal finances, were swaying marginal voters.

    About 35 per cent said they were worse off than at the 2004 election, compared to 29 per cent in a national poll in mid-October. Some 46 per cent said they were better off, compared to 50 per cent in the national survey.

    But they matched national surveys by nominating Kevin Rudd as preferred prime minister (50 per cent) over John Howard (43 per cent).

    About 58 per cent of Lindsay voters said they believed Ms Chijoff [Lib candidate]would do a better job, or as good a job as Ms Kelly, who retired at this election.

    Galaxy found the Greens vote in the four seats had increased from 5.3 per cent to 7 per cent while the votes for other minority parties had fallen from 8.1 per cent to 4 per cent.

  18. canberra boy said

    Apologies for the double comment, Possum, you might wish to delete one – when the first one did not appear I assumed it had been gobbled by anti-spam software or my html coding had caused trouble.

  19. Enemy Combatant said

    Curses De Murgatroid!! It’s unseemly when aspirant pseph-heads and hardcore political junkys can’t get a taste on Monday morning. That’s why I support the important harm-minimisation aspect that the The Bludger affords; it’s a safe-injecting room in cyber-space for poll tragics who are unable to act responsibly and put a little extra polling data aside each week for their habit.

    At first I figured it was a DOS coup hatched by Eddy, Glen and that adorable, airhead zealot, Tabitha, because the Bludger downed tools just when a fascinating discussion about JWH’s mental faculties and whether he was cerebrally fit to lead our nation was being fleshed out.

    But in truth it seems to be the impecunious imperative that most battling Ph. D.’s have hexed upon them. Bloody amazing really, the cutting edge(yeah, you too, PC) of this election’s zeitgeist goes kaput for the sake of a few lousy bucks.

  20. canberra boy said

    Our old friend Mr Shanahan has had a change of heart, saying this morning that “more public polling [ie Tele figures above & CT Eden-Monaro poll last Sat] points to a clear Labor victory…” and acknowledging that the PM was defeated in the debate with Rudd.

    The article is interesting for the internal Coalition criticisms of the PM:
    * “senior Liberals fear John Howard’s focus on defending his record is hurting the Coalition”;and
    * criticisms about “the extent Mr Howard seeks the advice of his former chief of staff, Grahame Morris, and that Mr Howard appears to be running his own marginal seat campaign against Labor’s Maxine McKew in his Sydney electorate of Bennelong”.

    Shanahan says “senior party members still believe the Coalition can win the election in the four weeks left in the campaign if the Coalition builds on public concern about union domination of the Labor Party and links the fears with “economic risk” and poor management.”

  21. canberra boy said

    Poll Bludger is back on air now.

  22. The Dobell, Patterson, Lindsay & Robertson numbers sound pretty good. Which highlights the risks of a purported QLD/WA Lib firewall strategy that regards the folks in the leafy southeast as expendable. As I said at Poll Bludger…

    The 2 in Queensland, zero in WA firewall strategy alluded to by the AFR makes it sound very much like a social/cultural/security (or dog whistle/fearmongering depending on how you see it) issue is being planned to keep the folks in regional Queensland and WA from bolting. Expect it to be trotted out by Pyne, Abbot or Downer in the 2nd last week.

    As a strategy it also embraces a willingness to let more wets leave the party in the leafy suburbs in Melbourne and Sydney. That is, as strategies go, this one’s not without a fair whiff of desperation.

  23. John V K said

    Possum cracks the MSM.http://www.theage.com.au/news/federalelection2007news/psephological-blogger-rhythms/2007/10/27/1192941402713.html

    “Possums Pollytics is in the five figures once feeds and syndication come into play.”

    Possum, for one, has noticed a more measured approach to the mainstream media’s coverage of polls. “We now see regular mentions of things like margins of error, and interpretations that say ‘this two-point movement is probably nothing but statistical noise’.”

    I like the crack, about bloggers not breaking stories, How about Headline.
    Blogger teaches MSM, poll interpretation is not spin.

  24. Australia’s most popular political spam dispensary is back in business.

  25. stevet said

    You know things are mighty desperate when a Minister leaks cabinet minutes for the sole purpose of saving his own skin.

  26. mate said

    ” BillBowe Baggins ”

    LOL, love it 🙂

  27. While we are at it – could we get Peter Brent to move Mumble over to WordPress or something? MS FrontPage just doesn’t do RSS feeds 🙂

  28. Mark said

    Possum, thanks for putting all that in context. Yes it’s still a drubbing…and deservedly so!

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