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Vale Peter Andren

Posted by Possum Comitatus on November 3, 2007

A great loss to his family, his community, his local constituents and Australian politics as a whole.

He will be dearly missed .


27 Responses to “Vale Peter Andren”

  1. Burgey said

    A very sad loss to all. Condolences to his family in particular.

  2. dirk provin said

    A man of integrity in an arena where such a commodity is all too often absent. This election campaign has only highlighted just how many shonks, sycophants and vacuous hacks inhabit our halls of power.

    Australian public life is much the poorer for his passing. My thoughts go out to his loved ones and those closest to him.

  3. Beach Ball said

    His contribution to the House of Reps will be sorely missed. He often took great delight at deriding government Dorothy Dix questions that asked if there was an “alternative policy”. As he said, “opposing policy” can be criticised, but if “alternative policies” were to be adopted, society would be so much more fabulous!

  4. Ian said

    Very sad. Peter Andren was an effective and sensible voice for his constituents.

  5. Chatswood Statsman said

    Above party politics

  6. Doug said

    Peter Andren expanded the limits of what was conceived to be politically possible by treating the electorate with honesty and being clear about his convictions and the their political consequences. He was a clear light in his practice of politics in the murkiness of much that passes for political realism in Canberra.

    We have yet to grasp the significance of his courage, that moment in 2001 when he stood alone against the rest of the House of Representatives is a measure of the man.

    To his family in their grieving, rejoice in who he was and what he did.

  7. Pancho said

    We’re poorer without you, Peter.

  8. KC said

    Very sad and a real loss for Australia

  9. SirEggo said

    I grew up in the Calare electorate

    He was man of integrity, valour and honour

    Some of the pollies running around this election really should look at how he does things

    Vale Andren


  10. dylwah said

    AAhh well, Bloody Pancriatic crab takes another one. Condolences to family.

  11. Why said

    Our world, enriched by his light, courage and conviction
    is now poorer with his passing.

    Strength and love to his family, friends at this sad time.

  12. barney said

    Why is it that the really good ones die and the sh*ts live on?
    His stance in 2001 on Tampa was en exemplar of principle over expedience. The contrast with the rodent and crew could not be more stark.

  13. After reading the above kind words and comments from others, I think I can say for once with sincerity “me too”.

    Very sad indeed.

  14. Leinad said


    How come this happens but Paul McCartney’s still bloody alive? >(

  15. codger said

    Yes Doug, not even slightly tampa; and a defining moment.

  16. Ratsak said

    The Parliament was better for him having been in it. May he inspire more people of integrity to believe they can contribute to our nation’s politics without having to sell their souls to the party machines.

  17. bryce said

    leinad – add pauline h. No god.

  18. Dockerman said

    Peter was a quality human being of great integrity amidst a plethora of individuals with NONE.

    GREAT LOSS to the Australian political scene – particularly the good citizens of Calare who should again show their independence and elect a politician who will adequately represent them independently.

    Sincere condolences to Peters immediate family and friends

  19. Peter Fuller said

    A fine man, and a rare example that politics can truly be an honourable adventure.

  20. feral sparrowhawk said

    Awful beyond words. Such a wonderful man and such an terrible way to go.

  21. Mike Cusack said

    Didn’t know him. Wish I had. We can’t afford his loss.

  22. Crikey Whitey said

    Peter Andren. A sad loss of a compassionate and principled human being.

    To his family. To democracy and the greater good.

    Rest in Peace.

  23. Andyc said

    Peter was a great man, and a real exemplar of what all community leaders should be, and hardly any ever are.

    The best way of remembering him is to try to be more like him – that applies particularly to politicians.

  24. Robertson said

    As ever, the great Peter Andren was damned with faint praise as a ‘good local member’ by John Howard. Has this miserable Howard any sense of decency, graciousness or good will? In our town, people such as Howard are condemned as ‘wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire’!

  25. Graeme said

    Mr Andren was what so many in the Labor (and a few in the Liberal) party could be, but have not the gumption to be.

  26. Matt said

    What a great loss to Australia as a whole. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Andren on several occasions and there is not a more honest,genuine man around. He was the epitomy of what every politician should be- a man who stood up for what he believed in, was a true representative of his constiuents and had a conscience…. something sadly lacking in most politicians. The world is a far poorer place with his loss.

    Howard should be ashamed with his tribute… at least Rudd tried to talk about Peter the man rather then just Peter the Politician. They are all however a shadow on the man that Peter was. If only there were more like him this country might make some progress. I pray that Calare will see sense and maintain an independent member- for we have had far more done for the electorate in the previous 11 years under Andren then in the previous years with party puppets.

    R.I.P Peter Andren, a true gentlemen, a class act and a hero to many. You will be Sadly missed.

  27. Aspirational Aspirationalist said

    Peter left a big hole in the House of Reps that wont be filled soon, he will be missed.

    Anyone who missed the 7.30 report segment on him tonight can see it over the next couple of days by going to http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/
    and scrolling down to “Tributes Flow For Principled Independent”.

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