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Mr Rainmaker

Posted by Possum Comitatus on November 20, 2007

Never let it be said that the Coalition aren’t willing to try new approaches to winning an election.

First we’ve had calling the election when interest rates were looking to go up, then we had Abbot dumping a bucket on a well respected sick bloke, then we’ve had Howard telling everyone that a vote for the Coalition will guarantee the permanent existence of the policy that is doing them the most electoral damage. Not to be outdone, Barnyard Joyce thought it would be a good idea to back Labors IR policy and now, after that circus, we have Turnbull pumping $10 mill into a rain making company that the governments own science advisers found had ‘no convincing data’ to support their proposed technology.

Mal “Rainmaker” Turnbull’s fundraising vehicle, the Wentworth Forum, has as one of its donors Matt Handbury, Chairman and part owner of the company that received the grant, the Australian Rain Corporation. Far be it from us mere mortals to say that the whole thing smells to high heavens. Even if it is above board and the “rainfall enhancement technique” in question didn’t actually have an “electoral enhancement technique” built into it – it’s still not a good look.

But Mr Rainmaker had a good excuse. He’s looking at “all options”, even those “outside of the box”.

If he keeps that up, one of those options will be standing for the NSW Parliament if he isn’t careful.


This cracker of a pic was in Crikey today. Someone has value added to a Lib poster in the seat of Adelaide:


The resemblance  is disturbing.

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45 Responses to “Mr Rainmaker”

  1. paul said

    Well, it beats praying for rain I suppose.

  2. Russ said

    It’s a shame Peter Brock has passed away, he might have finally been able to secure government funding for the energy polariser. On a more serious note, how many companies which benefit from government funding subsequently give some or all of that funding back as party donations? I know Manildra did, and lots more seem to.

  3. gandhi said

    Obviously, Turnbull saw the writing on the wall months ago and is just playing along with the Conga Line till he can take over the Liberal Party with a post-Howard challenge.

    The rainmaking company in question has been a big donor to Mal’s campaign, and now he is rewarding the shareholders’ generosity with taxpayer-subsidized largess.

    Did you mention that Handbury is a nephew of Uncle Rupert?

  4. gandhi said

    ABC online has a pretty definitive review:


  5. criticalgamesincubator said

    It should also be said that Mr. Handbury is the wealthy nephew of a Mr. Rupert Murdoch.

    You know. Just to make the circle complete.

  6. John V K said


    Just to soothe nerves already fraught.

  7. I have blueprints for a perpetual motion machine which could solve our global warming problem. Will Malcolm thrown $10 million my way?

  8. nomad3 said

    Sorry guys ..but can someone explain the Stiflers mum bit ? .. and while you atre doing that ..I am in the seat of Goldstein currently held by Andrew Robb by a 10% margin ..does anyone have any info on polling for this seat ? I grew up in the seat Wills (labour by 25%margin) and now live in Goldstein I guess that makes me a Bourgeois Bolshevik ..Id love to see Robb fall !!

  9. nomad3 said

    John V K (6) .. is this true ? Whats going on?

  10. Jim said

    anyone seen this?


    thoughts, poss?

  11. John V K said

    No, wont matter I think, just more liberal desperation, trying a chad type thingo.

    Newhouse has legal advice that nomination is automatic resignation from government service it’s in the act.

    When in strife keep muddying up the waters. Me I think it will bounce back at them make them look even more desperate.

  12. Jim said

    here’s hoping… and good answer, thanks

    *wipes preverbial sweat from brow*

  13. smssiva said

    John V K (6). Could be a tactic to challenge the poll verdict and delay election results. Commonly used in third world countries and to some extent similar ploy successfully done by Bush Jnr

  14. Jim said

    prOverbial (apologies)

  15. nomad3 said

    The only way this will go away is for the candidates concerned to come out and say its all legitimate and another scare tactic conjured up by the rodent dirt unit .. is there nothing that they wont do ?

    it beggars belief really .. Andrew Robb should fall victim !!!! this goes beyond gutter politics

  16. Gezza said

    On supposed ineligibility they are just desperate, one might say p… in the wind.

  17. John V K said


    May be more to it, yet.


    Newhouse has pulled out of a debate and NSW govt wont release his resignation letter.

    But he had legal advice that nominating was in fact resignation.

  18. John V K said

    No other service is over it yet, so there is a fair bit of fact checking going on.

  19. George said

    Umm, John V K @ 17, not sure if you realise that article you link to is 5 days old.

  20. nomad3 said

    Yeh I noticed it John VK … The Oz or The Age hasnt reported it yet ..if anything I wouldve expected the Oz to be all over it ..the report surfaced at 2:20pm

  21. Jess said

    Its a obvious tactic by the Liberals…even all candidates are cleared it takes the spotlight of Workchoices for a day – well that’s what they are hoping… I am sure they are sitting around right now thinking if they can just muddy the waters enough it may knock a percentage or so off the Labor TPP and get them back in the race… I don’t think it will but they are down the Libs always fight dirty!
    There is also a pretty strong chance that it may backfire if handled well by Rudd – based on his past performance I wouldn’t be suprised!

  22. Jim said

    smh has:


  23. nomad3 said

    Its a tactic to give them some breathing space ..if he was right he shouldve reported directly to the AEC and let them deal with it .. instead of putting the onus of proof on the relevant people concerned ..put up or shut up Andrew

  24. John V K said

    Apol for the dated link George.

  25. Rudi said

    Nomad3 at 8 asked about the reference to Stifler’s mum. Stifler is a character in American Pie and his mother was played by Jennifer Coolridge – see link to her wikipedia entry which includes a photo of her.


  26. Mindy said

    I wonder if any Liberal candidates might be in the same boat?

  27. Jess said

    Its just smear from the Libs again but a relatively clever one because they can try and claim the high moral ground… unless some of their own have probs… they better have done their own checking. I can’t see that it will do anything for them as I can’t see any of the youth vote (18-34 – me included) changing their vote on this technicality!
    Just shows how desperate they are.

  28. John V K said

    “Mr Robb said the Liberal Party had not informed the AEC of its findings but said the issue of eligibility could be easily resolved if candidates produced the relevant documentation.”

    Agree Nomad, a fishing expedition and a smear. If he had it he would put up.

    Not gonna effect diehard 8% they want howard gone and could have blowback.

  29. john said

    The little rodent can’t be allowed to just retire, his deflated carcass, (y tambien los otros fascistas) need to be dragged behind the winners chariot through every major city in the country

  30. Ronin said

    Disqualifying candidates just before an election is a tactic used in Iran and Pakistan to great effects. They’ll be rounding up Labor candidates under the sedation laws next.

    I used to find it funny that the Zimbabwe Government paid money to a ‘witch doctor’ who have found a rock that pumps out diesel. After reading about the Australia Government spending 10 million dollar on ‘rain making’ it isn’t as funny anymore.

  31. Terber said

    “sedation laws” – Is that why this election has been the most boring on record?

  32. B1 said

    Someone else will no doubt know the details better than me; but I have heard that there is a bit of history of this happening – challenges to the legitamacy of candidates after they have won and bi-elections resulting – however I have also heard that in most cases the results; go the same way they had in the first place; meaning the challenge was a waste of time. Does anyone know a bit more on the history?

  33. nomad3 said

    yes B1 .. some years ago there was a legal challenge to Phil Cleary (Ind) for the seat of Wills ..he was a teacher and didnt resign when he nominated .. he won the poll ..a challenge ensued ..a By-election was called and he won the By -election ..

  34. B1 said

    Thanks nomad3; I believe there are a few more examples too; I heard a reference the other day.

    I appreciate the correction although that is actually something I’m a little unclear on; I can find reference to By-elctions; Bye-elections – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/By-election and Bi-elections – http://www.carpentaria.qld.gov.au/news/2006/Bi-Election%203rd%20Division.shtmlDoes anyone know the reasons for different spellings – regional etc? (I realise this is getting slightly off topic)

  35. B1 said

    Sorry for the dodgy link – http://www.carpentaria.qld.gov.au/news/2006/Bi-Election%203rd%20Division.shtml

  36. Blair said

    The most striking example I can remember of voters punishing a sore loser was in Britain after the 1997 election. The Conservatives successfully challenged the result in Winchester, which they had lost by 2 votes, and were rewarded when they lost the subsequent by-election by 22,000 or thereabouts, turning the seat into one of the safest Liberal Democrat seats in Britain (which it remains today).

  37. B1 said

    Another example – http://www.aec.gov.au/Elections/supplementary_by_elections/lindsay.htm
    in 1996 in Lindsay a challenge and By-election resulted in a far greater margin to LNP.

  38. Alex said

    I met “Stifler’s Mum” and her campaign manager last year. she is absolutely bran dead. Like a (further) lobotomised Bette Midler. the Autopen would make a better local member.

  39. Eric said

    It’s inevitable that posters bearing the face of a candidate will attract embellishment, I see plenty of moustaches around the place. Does anyone think that alterations to pictures will have any effect on a candidate’s vote one way or the other?

    I can understand someone having some fun with a few posters, but there are an inordinate number of Nicole Corneses throughout Boothby with a red sticker on her nose, it surely must have taken ages to put them all up.

  40. Rod said

    Russ wrote: “It’s a shame Peter Brock has passed away, he might have finally been able to secure government funding for the energy polariser.”

    On the other hand it means we don’t have to put up with the mawky “personal letter” everyone in my area inevitably received from Brock for the last decade or so, supporting the Libs before every state and federal election. Great driver, but when it came to “New Age” devices and to politics he was away with the fairies!

  41. Enemy Combatant said

    In an unprecedented move, organisers of this season’s Political Oscars have rush-nominated Little Lord Turnbull as the Elmer Gantry of Oz politics.

  42. Gezza said

    Re by-elections should that be bye bye elections?

  43. Kirribilli Removals said

    Malcolm is running as the Rain Man of Wentworth, as in the ‘idiot savant’ but minus the ‘savant’ bit.

    Pity the the audience is so besotted by the spectacle of the Liberal party imploding to give his performance more than passing mirth, but there will be time for Malcolm.

    Lots and lots of time, if he even manages to get his bum on the opposition benches!

  44. silkworm said

    The Herald headline that the technology has no proof is misleading. The following statement from the National Water Commission suggests that the technology has promise.

    “This project follows a demonstration trial of the rainfall enhancement technology by Australian Rain Corporation, assisted by the University of Queensland, in the Wivenhoe catchment of south-east Queensland in May-June 2007. Assessment of the May-June 2007 rainfall in the Wivenhoe target catchment during the trials by the University of Queensland found that the rainfall was significantly above average, however recommended that further trials were required to verify the technology.”


    The evidence is not inconclusive, but suggestive, and warrants further trials.

    Now suppose that the technology does indeed have merit. Suppose that it can genuinely make rain. Think about it. We would then have the ability to combat global warming directly.

    But now look at the dark side. Would you a weather control device in the hands of Rupert Murdoch? Such a device would also have military potential. You could radically alter the economy of any country in the world, even use it as a weapon to destroy crops. There are psychopaths in the Pentagon who have already thought through the potentials of manipulating the ionosphere. Given these potentials, Turnbull may have breached national security for making revelations about the device.

  45. silkworm said

    My contact deep within the Tesla community has told me a few things about the rain tech fiasco.

    a) The device uses the same technology as HAARP, to stimulate the ionosphere to produce a low pressure system. According to my contact, there is a rebound effect that produce a series of high pressure systems, which would prolong the drought, the very opposite of what the technology purports to achieve.

    b) The Australian Rain Corp is 75% Swiss-owned, and one of the main if not the chief shareholders in this Swiss company is Turnbull. Therefore his grant of $10 million is effectively a payoff to himself.

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