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Andrew Robb: The Google Assassin.

Posted by Possum Comitatus on November 21, 2007


This was me in Crikey today.

You can almost picture it; it’s late evening in the Coalition bunker, the details of the latest Oztrack had been delivered a few hours earlier and a melancholy haze has since settled over the leadership team. The results are grim, the outlook disastrous.

Win expectations have completely dissolved, the economy has disappeared as a high confidence Coalition issue and all of the major policy areas that are influencing voting intention have continued to move to the ALP side of the positioning chart.

The focus groups are showing that while Rudd is popular and seen as trustworthy and capable, the only chink in his armour is the uncertainty involved about the capability of the party he leads.

Andrew Robb through steely eyes and gritted teeth devises a plan. Not much of a plan mind you, a bit of a high risk plan as it turns out – but in these dying days of political empire, any plan that doesn’t involve Barnaby Joyce will do.

How to enhance the uncertainty of the ALP that exists in the punters minds? How to disrupt the news cycle and get that damn Workchoices off the front pages? We can’t stick Howard in a cupboard for three days, we’ll have to do the former.” he thinks to himself.

Andrew Robb – the Google Assassin, opens his laptop.

After perusing the bio’s of Labor candidates and following up their work history, dirt was short on the ground. There were no dubious financial dealings to be found, there were no company or organisational scandals that the candidates were involved in. But The Google Assassin, while perusing the website of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary did notice that Tony Zappia, the next ALP member for Makin, still had his name listed on the site as being a board member.

With all the pork we’ve handed out, surely we must have funded at some stage over the last 6 years an entire IT department for the ADS – this site wouldn’t be out of date“, the Google Assassin mused.

The window of opportunity opened, and the plan quickly grew. Gary Parr in Hinkler was still listed as board member of the Bundaberg Port Authority, Shayne Neumann the ALP candidate for Blair was still listed as a councillor for West Moreton District Health. A couple of hours of furious googling had produced a list of 12 ALP candidates that may not be eligible for parliament. Combine these with the current plan of attack against Newhouse in Wentworth and it must be a news leader. “13 is a serious number, and even if only two or three are found to be ineligible, the fishing expedition will pay off “, he thought. “Any flack received over the desperation of it will quickly be replaced by headlines of incompetence for the ALP over the final days of the election.

The Google Assassin had his trap – and on Tuesday it shall be sprung!

Of course, things never quite turn out the way one hopes when you’re desperate. 12 of the 13 candidates as of early this morning had already provided the appropriate evidence on their resignations from these positions of “profit under the Crown”

Which gets me thinking, when Robb first went to the Google front page, did he press “Advanced Search” [& Destroy], or did he just go straight to the button marked “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

After the reaction from the media and Labor, and having the whole thing blow up spectacularly in his face, it’s hard to determine if he’s still feeling lucky, or just feeling a bit of tool.

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70 Responses to “Andrew Robb: The Google Assassin.”

  1. kwoff.com said

    Andrew Robb: The Google Assassin. « Possums Pollytics

    You can almost picture it; it’s late evening in the Coalition bunker, the details of the latest Oztrack had been delivered a few hours earlier and a melancholy haze has since settled over the leadership team. The results are grim, the outlook disastr…

  2. Evan said

    I reckon Robb looked bloody embarrassed at the press conference announcing the allegedly “Ineligible Baker’s Dozen”. He could barely face the cameras. He kept his head down most of the time, avoiding any sort of eye contact, reading from his crappy script.

    The body language alone said that knew it was a load of bollocks.

    Oh Andrew, what a fool you’ve made of yourself.

  3. Martin said

    so appalling it’s probably true, possum…and to think this numbskull was credited with engineering the rodent’s “victory” in 96…

    i think a repeat DVD viewing of Hirschbiegel’s Downfall – replete with beer & popcorn – is in order…still trying to work out of Robb is Mohnke or Goebbels…

  4. Goodbye Mr Thatcher said

    Poss – if you ever find yourself seeking another profession I recommend you try writing detective novels – a great spoof. By the way, can you confirm the rumour that it was actually Robb and his family who were on that refugee boat and that it was actually set adrift by Rodent after the spectacular failure of the Robb smear?

  5. Maurico said

    Trawling through your archives I found this prediction back in may. https://possumcomitatus.wordpress.com/2007/05/

    If my eyes don’t deceive me it looks very much like 53.7/46.3. Pretty darn close to the most recent newspoll. Well done!

  6. CK said

    “You can almost picture it; it’s late evening in the Coalition bunker, the details of the latest Oztrack had been delivered a few hours earlier and a melancholy haze has since settled over the leadership team. The results are grim, the outlook disastrous.”

    It’s delicious, isn’t it?

    Come Saturday night we’ll see them demanding the presence of General Turnbull Wenck, boarding the choppers on the roof of Kirribilli Hoise, and flinging burning files from departmental offices across the bureaucratic vastness of the ACT.

    I’m optimistic, but scared to death that the CRodent might pull it off.

    What I’m looking for is total humiliation. Of course we all remember the satisfaction of Weeping Malcolm (since redeemed as a thoroughly decent person in comparison to the incumbent) in ’83.

    Short parable from WA on election night when Gallop took over from Court.

    The scene was set.

    ABC had the commentators from each party calling it seat by seat. Eternally boring federal member Stephen Smith for ALP. Eternal C**t WA minister for Industrial Relations Graham Kierath who had spent his entire career ramming through IR laws hated by everyone which, amazingly, were the model for WorkFarces.

    It gets to a certain point in the night, the figures are in for Kierath’s seat, Smith turns to Kierath and says “Graham. It looks like you’re gone.”

    And indeed he was. Subway Turd Sandwich for the rest of the night.

    That’s the moment I want.

  7. George said

    “Which gets me thinking, when Robb first went to the Google front page, did he press “Advanced Search” [& Destroy], or did he just go straight to the button marked “I’m Feeling Lucky”.”

    Pure gold Poss.

  8. Slight correction: As anyone who’s seen him on Lateline would agree, Robb is in fact a tool, rather than just feeling like a tool 🙂 And more than a bit.

    CK: Any idea who’s going to be the panellists on the various networks come Saturday night? I would pay cash money to see Dolly on one of the panels as they go down to defeat.

  9. anthony said

    Answering my own question:
    On the ABC, Minchin and Gilliard
    On 9, Kroger, Swan, Robert Ray, Coonan (?!)
    On 7, Beattie, Jackie Kelly, Plibersek, Hockey

    ABC’s promises to be the most informative panel, but I suspect the other two will have a higher potential for a serving or three of delicious delicious schadenfreude.

  10. PASOK said

    Don’t forget Roy & HG on Triple J. I am assuming they’ll be doing what they do for State of Origin and Grand Finals: commentating off the tv pictures.

    On the Triple J website, this clanger can be found:

    “Who can I vote for?
    If you’ve been hanging out to vote for John Howard or Kevin Rudd, bad luck! Only a tiny percentage of the population actually gets to vote for the Prime Minister. So if you’re not living in the NSW electorates of Bennelong or Werriwa, you won’t find either of the two men up for the top job on your ballot paper.”

  11. CK said

    “Any idea who’s going to be the panellists on the various networks come Saturday night? I would pay cash money to see Dolly on one of the panels as they go down to defeat.”

    No idea but let’s take a punt. This could be another wager on SportsBet

    ABC: Kroger and Faulkner
    7: Kochie, Mel, clowns, Bernie Banton on deathbed, Peter Beattie, Ukraine miners, Ben Cousins
    9: Richardson and Robb
    10: Rove, Biggest Loser (rpt)

  12. Hemingway said

    Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this brilliant piece of satire, Possum.

    Also, a bunch of thanks to PASOK for the headsup about Roy and HG on 3J.

  13. steve_e said

    Given Roy and HG’s memorable Sydney Olympics, I am looking forward to a new version of The Dump, when they examine why the LIBS have lost power in a time of unprecendented economic prosperity, so good that interest rates have had to go up to slow down demand. It just might have something to do with stimulting demand by encouraging consumption spending – more tax cuts anyone.

    The Dump charterizes the campaign run by the government. Disdain and contempt for the voters are the two main characteristcs. Howard actually is lecturing people on the 7.30 Report (20/11/07)that if we vote for the ALP we will change the nature of government and things will be very different. GUESS WHAT, that is exactly what we want to happen. His tone and comments assume we are not able of understanding the impact of our actions, it is insulting. I am so pissed off, I will take my revenge with my little pencil.

  14. Stephen T said

    Robb was guilt, guilt, guilt knowing he was going to be caught out. Dumb as dumb can be.

    Was that a grin I detected on Kerry’s face after interviewing Kevin. Oh! revenge is sweet. I would hazard a bet they were to of the most fun nights Kerry has had for a long time.

  15. peterc said

    Robb could have been just been trying anything and failing dismally or maybe it was a mud slinging exercise. A certain percentage of those that hear the allegations won’t hear the rebuttal. So potentially it unsubstantiated allegations can influence folk to your party if the truth doesn’t have time to seep out. Certainly this was shown in the 4 Corners program on Lindsay voters where one had heard a part of a Howard speech and believed that Rudd had backtracked on his commitment to Kyoto.

    The contra of course is that if the rebuttal is quick and media successful then the look of desperation negates any ‘sucked in’ effect.

  16. Burnt Karma said

    Has anyone done a poll of Harvey Norman et al to see if they’ve had a run on shredders???

  17. CK said

    “Has anyone done a poll of Harvey Norman et al to see if they’ve had a run on shredders???”

    Shredders, computers, whatever. Everyone’s a winner!

  18. happy chap from Griffith said

    As an aside, all this Robb commentary takes me back to a conversation had with Rudd one night a few years back along the lines of:

    HCG: “who do you admire most in parliament”?
    K-Rudd: “Andrew Robb and Mel Brough (LNP), without a doubt two of the smartest blokes in parliament (along with Lindsey Tanner and Conroy ALP).

    I tend to agree with the Ruddinator on this one, Robb’s no fool…just disparate rat on a sinking ship 😛

  19. PJay said

    You have to check out Howard on Lateline, explaining how the leadership will be handed over to Peter Costello. This would have to rival his pathetic performance on the 7.30 Report where he resorted to begging the Australian people to be good enough and kind enough to re-elect him. I wish someone in the Liberal Party would have the where-with-all to put this sad act out of his misery. It’s still not too late for him to retire and hand to Costello. Would add a huge BANG to the campaign!

    As for Andrew Robb. He would have looked more credible dressed in a clown suit, blowing off one of those “HOOT HOOT” horns after each sentence.

  20. Doug said


    You got quoted on the ABC Poll Vault – but your creative contribution was attributed to Peter Brent at Mumble.

    Someone is confused and it isn’t you

  21. paull said

    Just thought people might want to know i live in Dickson and the political junk mail from the Libs just keeps on comming
    have the feeling that they are really worried. Have also just recieved a CD/DVD from Labor outlining their policies,the libs own this seat by 10%, it must be close, has anyone got any inside info because it’s really been off the radar. but judging by the amount of money being spent by both sides seems like it is realy close

  22. PJay said

    Paull. I am in Deakin. Margin is 5%. We have 5 tonne tray trucks running around all day with huge posters warning punters of the 70% union thing. Liberal junk mail flood at least every 2 days. Have seen at least 5 different brochures and have received at least 5 personal letters from Baressi. Would this be costing the Libs a fortune? Or is it courtesy our taxes?

  23. Sir Henry Casingbroke said

    Tony Abbott has again written to my wife. The encyclical that arrived at Casingbroke Manor today.

    Dear Lady Casingbroke,

    More than most people, Australians like to put their country first. Elections are not just “what’s in it for me” auctions but contests about who can best safeguard the future of the whole country.

    (Cheap, pathetic lie, which is clearly contrary to historical evidence. Vietnamese, Russians, Irish, Germans, Poles, Americans, Koreans, North and South – severally and together, French, Fins, Japanese, British, Israelis, Chinese just for starters come to mind. Also, appeal to last-refuge-patriotism and dog whistling to Anglo-Celt Howard’s Battlers.)

    Still, most people think that, sooner or later, especially when times are generally good, governments ought to find ways to help their local area. I am very conscious of the fact that I am a local MP as well as a Howard Government Minister and I am expected to deliver benefits to my constituents as well as contribute to a strong and competent national government.

    (Focus groups said this. Until now, Tony Abbott has not done much about three local hospitals – Manly, Mona Vale and Royal North Shore, preferring to try and blame the state government for gthe failures. The federal government has been underfunding hospitals while Abbott has been the federal health minister. No wonder he is now being given stick over his incompetence and failure.)

    Of course, it’s only possible to subsidise local projects if a strong economy generates the tax base to support increased social spending. It takes an economy to sustain a community.

    The Howard Government has been able to increase spending on Medicare, schools, the environment, roads, social security benefits and defence because it has been an effective economic manager. The Government’s spending promises are credible because it’s not also promising to rollback (sic) the workplace relations reforms that have been an important part of reducing unemployment and increasing wages.

    (This is a litany of lies and an egregiously fallacious conclusion. There is no relationship between WorkChoices in place and the government spending the money collected in taxes on all those things that governments are supposed to spend money on. Look at the inverse: without WorkChoices Australia can’t afford to provide its citizens with Medicare, fund any schools, help to ameliorate damage to the environment, build roads, provide social security benefits and fund defence? Purleeze…)

    I’ve attached a map outlining recent federal spending specific to the Warringah electorate. I think it indicates the federal Government is diligently attending to the needs of people in our part if Sydney.

    (Liberals’ Textor focus groups report says that people in Tony’s electorate feel that he has been a lazy, do-sweet FA MP. This is to convince them otherwise. Hence the map. Fingers crossed, Tony. And pray.)

    The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust is likely to prove the Government’s most enduring local legacy. I hope to persuade the Government that the Police College re-development (sic) should not go ahead because it is almost on top of the Sydney Harbour penguin colony.

    I also hope to persuade the Government to give $10 million towards the re-development of Brookvale Oval. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only major metropolitan sports venue that has not been extensively upgraded.

    Note the careful wording here: ‘I hope to persuade’. Why? Because Tony Abbott has been such an ineffective, lazy and arrogant local MP. He thought he could rest easy with an 11% margin. He has told the rugby league lobbyists and the club to get nicked when they came cap in hand for help with funding. Only when they went political, organised a public rally on the eve of a federal election in Tony’s electorate did his sphincter tighten. With a threat to move the home ground of the local team Manly Sea Eagles to the Central Coast, the local Sea Eagles supporters threatened to vote against him en masse, which they flagged in letters to the local paper. With 23,000 capacity, the ground patrons are an electorate force to be reckoned with. There are 80,000 enrolled voters in Tony’s electorate of Warringah. With Antony Green predicting a new margin of 4.6% down from 11%, Tony needs every one of those Brookie patrons on side – 3,700 of them is 4.6%. )

    It has been an honour to represent Warringah in the parliament for almost 14 years. I hope I can serve you in the months and years ahead. If there is any issue troubling you, please call my office to make an appointment or for more information.

    (This is a new level of grovel that Sir Henry has not encountered from Tony before; he must be worried.)

  24. Pancho said

    Possum, brilliant. You’re beginning to have fun with this aren’t you? The heart is catching up with the head. You site has been invaluable – I’ll be having a beer for you on Saturday.

  25. JP said

    Well if huge amounts of large, glossy brochures in the letterbox is a sign of Coalition panic, then they’re panicking about Cowper (NSW, margin 6.7%).

    But actually what concerns me is the lack of a single ALP brochure that identifies their candidate. Two lousy flyers, both non-electorate specific, which could be summed up as “Rudd has a plan”, and “Workchoices2 would be bad”.

    From the Nats, different brochures shire by shire detailing grants obtained. (No mention of course of the fine and hardworking people who worked their arses off applying for those grants, just pennies from National Party heaven, apparently. But I digress.) While the Nats’ brochures are full of lies “we can get rid of hoons”, and newly-discovered plans “we’re going to fix the highway that we’ve left as a mess for the last 11 years”, at least they’re localised and talking to people about things that matter to them.

    I’d really like Cowper to fall on Saturday, but on the strengths of the local campaign I can’t see it happening unless the NSW swing is way over the margin of 6.7%.

  26. paull said

    PJay I know what you are saying,these are not the run of the mill political post cards they are full colour glossy four page brochures must cost a fortune printed specifically for Dickson. puts the K-Mart ones to shame

  27. Barry1956 said

    If you want to see desperation, what price the dirty tricks in Lindsay, now breaking on Lateline. Robb is kacking himself!

  28. David S said

    Poor Andrew. Fancy being trotted out to pitch this unpitchable case. He doesn’t even convince himself.

  29. Socrates said

    But wait, theres more! Check out Lateline right now – Andrew Robb is on TV defending two Libeals who have been caught (on film) distributing fake electoral pamphlets linking Labor to Muslim extremists. One was in the NSW Liberal State executive! Charges could follow. They are going quite mad. Implosion city.

  30. David S said

    And check out Penny Wong. Formidable!

  31. Socrates said

    Snap Barry! This is gold. Tony Jones has said it will be on the front page of the Daily Telegraph tomorrow. its enough to make me buy a Murdoch paper. Robb is in denial bordering on delusion. He needs a new slogan:
    “Keep the lie alive, vote Liberal!”

  32. Barry1956 said

    And who instructed the Jabiru Venture (oil rig support vessel) to not take the Indonesians on board from their leaky boat? Has Sen. Nettle called it correctly? Was either a Federal agency or a ‘Caretaker’ Minister involved? If so, Why?

  33. Blackburn Bob said

    Agreeing with PJay, in Deakin the Baressi mailouts are insane. My wife opened the first one, because it said ‘important electoral information’ and it was crap from Phil. Now as soon as we get two letters to us both in the same day looking similar they go straight in the recycling.

    Going up the hill down Main Street this morning towards Blackburn Station all the early Lib signs were defaced, and the Labor and Green signs up the hill were fine. My wife says, deadpan, ‘ah, they must have got tired’.

  34. Blackburn Bob said

    Suggest “going up the Main street Hill towards Blackburn Station”.

    But really, I stuffed that sentence up so much it almost can’t be unstuffed. . .

    Starting to celebrate early. . .

  35. Kay said

    Andrew Robb put on such a serious face – but the quick cut to him while Penny was speaking showed him smiling. Dirty tricks indeed.

  36. anthony baxter said

    damn, but Robb looked like he’d rather be anywhere than on Lateline tonight. The fake ALP muslim flyers was pretty much all they talked about, and he looked very much like he was aware of just how damaging a story this is. According to LL, the Terror’s going to have it all over the front page in the morning, including photos from the ALP activists who staked out the people in question. If that is the case that it’s on the front page, that’s going to totally wreck the Coalition campaign for at least tomorrow.

  37. Sir Henry said

    This will be good: Johnny spending the dying days of his campaign explaining away the Lindsay fiasco. This is heavy ordnance lobbing into the chancellery garden. Where is loyal Heinrich? Execute Fegelein!

  38. Socrates said


    After seeing Andrew Robb on Lateline defending the fake pamphletts, the desperate pleading look on his face spoke more than any words. The panic has set in from the top. Poss you were so rigth with your thread on Monday – this is a very important week for the Liberals, when they chose between defeat and bloodbath. Looks like they have selected option B.

  39. PASOK said

    I guess this secures the Muslim vote for Labor?

  40. over it said

    On Lateline tonight Robb had a lot more than that on his hands trying to explain what happened in Lindsay. Guess what everyone will be talking about for the next couple of days? Racism and dirty tactics in the Liberal party. Howard’s got to love that

  41. PASOK said

    The look on Andrew Robb’s face at the end of the interview reminded me of Tony Abbott after denying meeting George Pell in 2004. Maybe Tony Jones has that effect on Liberal/Fascists.

    So how many of Howard’s questions at the Press Club will be about this tomorrow??

  42. Hamster said

    C’mon Penny… be humble and apologise. I mean, how dare she draw a connection between the dipshits in Lindsay and the well-oiled machine that is the RODENT07 campaign. Negativity? Naaaah… not a bit of it.

    Jeez, when I get nailed for electoral fraud or running a hamster-wheel cartel I wanna be cross-examind by Tony Jones. He is about as probing as a canteloupe. It would have been nice for him to ask Doddery Robb the names of the party members that were expelled. Or ask him how on the one hand he has no idea who these people are, and on the other is so certain that no senior member is involved – c’mon Robby, you can’t have it both ways, either you know or you don’t.

    Who expelled them? Did Howard order it? When did he know about the stunt? Who told him? How long did they spend at the spinning wheel before they picked up the phone to offer their cooperation with the AEC investigation?

    Call me curious…

  43. Don Wigan said

    It’s starting to smell like a Watergate – especially the way Robb originally tried to pass it off as an unauthorized initiative and got very offended when Penny Wong accused the Libs of dirty tricks. Robb claimed not only that it was an individual action, but implied the people involved were out-of-hand young Libs. It doesn’t seem like that.

    Of the two people ‘sprung’ one was retiring MP Jackie Kelly’s husband, the other a vice-president of the NSW Libs. It certainly doesn’t smell like Young Lib twits getting out of control. The trail will probably not lead right to the top. But given the wackos in charge of the NSW Libs, it sounds very like something they would do or authorize.

    At least (having been sprung) the Libs acted promptly in expelling those involved. It was the very least they could do to control the damage.

    One interesting thing is how the ALP found out and stalked the culprits until incriminating photos could be taken. I like to think there was still someone decent enough in the NSW Libs to tip Labor off.

  44. Blackburn Bob said

    Tried looking for this on Google news? It’s the last story under the Australia section, and there are three articles, none of which mention Kelly’s husband and the state executive.

    I’ve been paranoid about the robots at Google for some time. They follow me around, and beam messages into my tin-foil hat. . . .

  45. Evan said

    Re Anthony’s comment at post 9: Do you think Ms Kelly will still be calling the poll on 7 after what her old man’s been up to in the last 24 hours?

    It could get pretty embarrassing for the poor petal.

    When Lindsay goes, I can just see Plibersek commenting that perhaps Kelly’s husband did not hand out enough of those dodgy leaflets.

  46. Enemy Combatant said

    The money-shot of Jackie Kelly’s hubby shielding his face with the racist leaflet on the front page of tomorrow’s Telly is going to damage El Rodente in Bennelong and send aftershocks nationwide.

    “What I’m looking for is total humiliation.” CK, might like to give yourself a little thrill when Rat Features shapes up at the press gallery bash tomorrow.

    Dying to get the skinny on “The Lindsay Sting” when the election dust settles.

  47. anthony baxter said

    Evan@45: Good call. Lateline’s got the video up now, I missed the start where they showed the shot in the Terror and the front page headline of “LIBS BUSTED”. If it is her hubby, there’s surely no way she can be let on the air on Saturday. I just noted this at PB, but … from the Tele:

    However, the letter drop wasn’t organised in a mosque or a madras, but in the family home of Ms Kelly and Mr Clark.

    Uh oh. If that’s true, it’s kinda hard to roll with the “enthusiastic volunteers” line. Probably a good thing Kelly’s quitting anyway. Surely, surely, surely she won’t be on the air. It’d be a bloodbath.

  48. Julian Watson said

    Ding dong, The witch is dead.

  49. Julian Watson said

    Ding dong, The witch is dead.

  50. typingisnotactivism said

    Ha!! well said! I hear that Robb was actually using the Googlesearch Beta module, with the “I am a giant douche” button. The only other download of this version was in America, by a Ronald Dumsfeld. But he may have shared it around.

  51. […] now, the government has truly got into desperation politics. One of their Senators, Andrew Robb, is the kind of douchebag who would fit perfectly into the Bush Administration. In the last 8 hours, he propagated a story that 13 of the Opposition’s candidates were […]

  52. […] post by Possum Comitatus Discover Exactly What Automated Annihilation Means […]

  53. CK said

    It’s the Implodening!

  54. BlahB said

    And somewhere at Kevin 07 campaign head quarters, someone is standing up and saying

    “M’lud, the case for the prosecution rests”

  55. BV said


  56. Stephen T said

    Poss 12 points and countin.

  57. Neocom said

    I hear Jackie has just done a great interview on AM.
    It’s those union bosses, they did it!
    Oh the humanity……

  58. john said

    The electoral act is cruel, goal time for pinching corflutes and most certainly the same fate for the Kelly Gang!

  59. Hotlips said

    Jackie Kelly – blames “goons LED BY UNIONISTS!!!” for catching the libs in the act.


    What, a prank ABOUT THE BALI BOMBERS?!?!?!!?

  60. Paul the Avenger said

    If the amount of junk mail he’s sending is any indication then Joe Hockey’s trousers must be a very deep shade of brown. Every day in the last 2 weeks I have received a letter from Hockey. The Coalition must think that North Sydney is under serious threat.

    Interestingly I also get something from Mike Bailey every 2 or 3 days; indicating that the ALP are taking this seat seriously at least.

  61. GS said

    Jackie Kelly on Ch9’s panel?!? 🙂 With the pamplet-gate, will it be a “Chaser-style moment” for her?

  62. john said

    Change to theme a bit- what the hell is Downer doing in Singapore acting as a an Australian Government Minister! The govermnent is in caretaker mode and his ministerial commission is suspended, any agreements he signs up for on behalf of Australia are null and void, quick someone cancel his passport!

  63. STAR said

    Well the Kelly household has done what Robb could not. This will ensure that Work choices is off the front page for a week or so.

    what is that? the Libs do not have a week, only three days. God, I think the Kelly gang have given every Labor candidate in Australia another 2% plus boost.

    I expect after this ,episode the Coalition will become more desperate and start struggling in a bed of quick sand. Each stuff from now on will be reported quite heavily by the MSM because they know this gov. is gone so will report with a bit less bias.

    My expectation of a Labor landslide a week ago was slim, now i believe this will be of biblical proportions , a once in a lifetime event, and the Coalition might be lucky to have enough members to form an AFL team.

  64. Hotlips said

    Here’s the flyer:

  65. Paul said

    It at first appeared after Peter Garretts jocular conversation that Labor was going to win the funny moments contest. However Kellys prank coupled with Caroline Overingtons hilarious emails has seen the bunch of clowns that is the Liberal Party take a winning lead. The relief at being in front somewhere is being felt throughout the Liberal heartland.

  66. Hotlips said

  67. Ivan said

    Watching Penny Wong vs. Ancrew Robb last night on Lateline I was waiting for Penny to mention Andrew’s stunt re. the dirty dozen, however it didn’t come up. My theory is that there was no need for her to dip into this extra material as she had Robb on the ropes anyway. This seems to be much like the whole ALP campaign, where they have not laid into the Libs with the heavy artillary because they have known that they were so far ahead. Leave it in the kitty, just in case the polls move.

  68. Cat said

    To be fair I think the effect will be neutral. When a dog whistle is blown no matter how much the humans might argue that it should not have been blown the dog still hears and responds to it. On the upside I think this will be the final straw for the “doctor’s wives” in the safer liberal electorates where there is a stronger swing than in the marginals like Lindsay. Ican just imagine Shrek’s colourful language on hearing of it.
    BTW I was listening to Jackie Kelly’s initial comments being replayed on NewsRadio when it was interrupted because the PM had rung in. To say he sounded flat is being generous. I contained my desire to cry on his behalf – just 🙂

  69. Rod said

    As Christian Kerr notes in this morning’s election Crikey, Labor have to be a bit careful how they handle the Kelly Gang pamphlet.

    Very regrettably there are many Australians who undoubtedly “buy” the message intended by the pamphlet’s distribution. The ALP need to be careful that they don’t give the actual content of the thing too much air. If they want to take the matter further prior to the election they should l broaden the exposure to include other “dirty tricks” used in the campaign by the libs – like the poor bloke I was listening to on the radio this morning who gets portrayed as a “union thug” in the Libs TV advertising, but who hasn’t even been employed by one for over a decade, wasn’t in any sense a “thug” when he was, and who, in the mean time has been doing stuff for that terrible threat to Australians everywhere, St Vincent de Paul.

    But better to not get diverted by such things, I reckon. Staying “on message” is the way to go.

  70. Ron Brown said

    The cumulative Newspoll data IS old info and is the average of the last 2 polls BUT the ‘oz’ are showing THIS averaged result AGAINST respective previous 2 successive Newspoll averaged results

    which provides a trend

    Would like feedback , but my view of this “cumulative” polling methodology is it completely camoflages the ‘narrowing’ during an election because

    9/11 -10/11 poll 56 -44 2PP
    16/11-17/11 poll 54 -46 2PP
    BUT cumulative of both 55- 45 2PP

    I think the 54 -46 is more realistic as it IS the latest Poll and reflects voters FIRMING UP their votes based on current campaign info ?????????????

    I admit a cumulative ‘trend’ can be deduced but so can a trend be deduced by comparing numerous SUCCESSIVE polls

    Any thoughts ????

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