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101 Uses for a John Howard – The Book.

Posted by Possum Comitatus on November 22, 2007

As many of you would know, Jon Kudelka has a cracker of a website called 101 Uses for a John Howard. For those that haven’t stumbled across his political cartoonery before, you just don’t know what you’re missing.

Now it’s available in a treeware edition.

What’s really snazzy about the 101 drawings of Howard (plus an extra 10% for GST) is the accompanying commentary for each. Together, the book becomes a humorous look back over the recent Howard years and addresses a whole bag of issues that one has often forgotten about, as well as many that are simply unforgettable.

Remember the effective sacking of Ian Campbell – enviro minister?

Have use number 65 for John Howard: a Donald Trump

Think Howards political tactics are a little one dimensional?

Try use number 31: The Wedge


Or maybe if you think Howard has just hung around too long, try use number 61:a Fart in an Elevator

Then there’s one of my personal favourites, John Howard the inappropriate erection

The GST extra section contains other luminaries of the Howard government. Tony Abbott is particularly good as a contraceptive.

It’s the ultimate coffee book table for political tragics with a sense of humour and the perfect cheeky Christmas present for any Coaliton supporters or John Howard fans you might have among your friends and family.

The really good thing about the book is that it’s self published by Jon Kudelka himself – a tough ask by any stretch, let alone for a Tasmanian 😉

It’s worth buying, if not for the political history it represents, then to support a great independent political cartoonist. You can buy it through his site for the paltry sum of $23.50 delivered right to your door.



3 Responses to “101 Uses for a John Howard – The Book.”

  1. KC said


    You would have to include entry 69, the inflatable love doll.

    The phrase “Cries “Mister Speaker, Mister Speaker” when squeezed”
    has been used on blogs to identify and disparage young libs everywhere.

    And after Saturday there will be a roaring trade in these if some enterprising soul decide to make them, the demand from young and old libs would be intense for some memory of the man of steel.

    That pinata sold for $500 on e-bay

  2. paul said

    Following his loss on the weekend the Howard bubble will burst, the narrative will become a tale of an ineffective, decimated opposition struggling for 11 years to provide an alternative to a poor government. Governments are only as good as their opposition, Labor, prior to work choices and Rudd offered no alternative. Their reformation has been swift.

  3. thesilverbodgie said

    Paul this Howard government has for years been given a free ride by a manipulative right wing press who including uncle Rupert only now are jumping off the good ship Rodent.Labor did offer an alternative on two occassions apart from Latham, and not everthing, he offered, was not policy.

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