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Poor old Shrek

Posted by Possum Comitatus on November 22, 2007

As if being the poor goose that has to defend Workchoices isn’t enough of a burden, now Joe Hockey has to try and put out the fires of those political pyromaniacs of the Kelly Gang in his own seat – in 48 hours.

Shreks electorate of North Sydney is filled to the brim with people of a certain moral persuasion on social issues, their delicate Naw Shaw sensibilities being almost legendary…. Dahrling.

But out in the Bogansville of Lindsay, uber-Bogan Jackie Kelly and her bourbon swilling coterie of mental midgets thought it would be a really shit hot idea to start handing out fake ALP pamphlets depicting Labor being under the thumb of mufti-madness.

Honest to god – these guys must have the IQ of an ugg-boot.

With seats like Kooyong, Goldstein, Wentworth, Higgins, Ryan, Bennelong and North Sydney all having decent swings to the ALP in them, the last thing the Coalition wants the small L liberals in these places to hear is yet another reason for them to change their vote to that nice harmless man Kevin Rudd.

It’ll only take a few more votes for those seats that aren’t already changing to fall. Having blockheads from the dregs of the NSW Liberal Party pulling race stunts with 48 hours to go, must be making the members of those leafy seats looking for the nearest tree to string up these fools.

Earlier in the week we were talking about the how the last week of the campaign will probably be the most important week in the history of Australian conservative politics, and how the Coalition has to be very careful not to get caught up in scandals or general desperation. Well, they are trying as hard as they possibly can to do everything wrong. They’ve flung the poo, they’ve embroiled themselves in scandal and have generally made themselves look like a party that even some of their own hardcore supporters would be embarrassed to vote for.

Howard better start praying that the electorate actually has stopped listening. Because if it started listening in the last week – all it would have heard is a whole lot of “WTF?”.


Kelly was interviewed in Nine earlier, worth a listen to hear her pathetically cringe worthy faux-justifications – stay to the end for Laurie Oakes taking none of that horsefluff.

And here’s the offending pamphlet.

A little bit too used to blowing on this methinks

#27 of Jon Kudelkas 101 uses for a John Howard – the Dog Whistle


55 Responses to “Poor old Shrek”

  1. Andrew A said

    Kelly’s ABC interview this morning was a little scary. The thing that amused me was the call waiting pips on her end of the line. Prolly another journo trying to reach her but it was nice to imagine it was a caller from Kiribilli desparate to reach her: “Jackie, dear, STFU!”

  2. Cat said

    Poss great animals think alike 🙂

  3. Ron Brown said

    There MAY be even some Labor supporters thinking the latest ‘Indonesion boat people saga IS Tampa mark 2 engineered by the Andrew Robb !!

    You thought Andrew Robb having spent the night ‘googling’ for the 13 unqualified Labor candidates had gone to bed. You were wrong. Andrew Robb then phoned the Defence Dept to order ALL our Navy (2) to search the Northern sea of Australia seeking boat people…our Navy did not let him down

  4. Beach Ball said

    As a resident of Lindsay, this latest activity won’t have too much of a bearing on the result. This thing was wrapped up the moment Whacky Jackie announced she was off for the hills.

    The Libs have form on this, and the original pranksters (song suggestion for you there Poss, by the Offspring) were the Hillsong Happy Clappers in their campaign to get their own Louise Markus elected in Greenway 3 years ago.

    On the Wednesday night/Thursday morning of the final week of the campaign, they mass dropped into the housing commission areas of Seven Hills, Quakers Hill and Lalor Park a very similar leaflet. ALP candidate at the time, Ed Husic, had committed the crime for actually being a Muslim and, according to the pamphlet, looked forward to establishing an Islamic state in Australia.

    This should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  5. Kirribilli Removals said

    Oy, there Poss, fair crack of the sauce bottle mate, I’ve known quite a few ugg boots that were a hell of a lot smarter than a gaggle of Liberal apparatchiks!

  6. Hotlips said

    Re-posted from other discussion for relevance:

  7. Rod said

    They’ve got to the point where there is nothing left for labor to do is to sit back, play the statesman, and beyond an occasional very gentle nudge, let the libs fall apart all by themselves.

    Whether the shenanigans of this week will actually have any negative impact or not on actual the coalition vote is an interesting question. My own suspicion is that they are pretty close to “ground zero” already on primary votes, and that any further changes will probably involve people shifting to vote for minor conservative parties, with the votes coming back to the Libs through preferences for the 2PP.

    You never know, though. Voters who are genuinely entranced by supposed Liberal strengths in areas like “management” and “experience” might well be having second thoughts looking at the current rabble!

  8. George said

    Laurie Oakes not only sticks the nife in regarding Kelly, he moves it around like a seasoned Japanese warrior

  9. George said

    That should be “k”nife 😉

  10. Stunkrat said

    You’re being a bit rude about the ugg boots, Possum. Jackie Kelly always looks a hundred bucks in hers.

  11. barney said

    Kelly is a nasty piece of work, dismissive and contemptuous of her constituents.
    As you sow so shall you reap.
    Industrial quantities of fowl are approaching their abode in order to roost.

  12. Stephen T said

    Poss this is truly unbelievable. Is this possible? It has to be the idiot act of all idiot acts. Oh me Gawd nearly shat meself stupid laughing at these intellectually challenged morons. At this stage every little bit hurts. Guaranteed to upset some people lets hope there in marginal electorates. The Muftis are coming. BOO! Jacky: bit of a wink, bit of laugh, bit of a nod, bit of a joke. Cuckoo’s nest for Jacky.

  13. alpal said

    Possum, Dead right – this brings some of the Liberal heartland into play, at least. The brand is stuffed. As posted on PB I think this will be a once-in-a-generation show. I think Hawke got 53.2 or thereabouts in 83 ( gulp) for Labors biggest ever 2pp. Rudd will beat that, easily.

  14. Greensborough Growler said

    This is the “Latham Handshake moment” for the Libs. People who had swung to Labor and were wavering will use this as an endorsement of decision..

    The massacre beckons 100+ seats for Labor.

  15. sondeo said


    I’m in Lindsay. We’re not all boguns. ! Give a galah a break mate. !

  16. Big Tofu said

    Is anyone listening to the World Today? One of the members expelled was the husband of Jakie’s would be replacement (I don’t know her name). Oh dear!

  17. Bernard said

    The Muslim Community of Australia definitely seems to have more morals, wisdom and dignity than the Liberal Party. Laugh and lie that off Jackie.

  18. MsLaurie said

    Isn’t the would-be replacement’s name Karen Chijoff? Something like that.

  19. Raw Toast said

    I wonder what this does to the Senate. Just my hunch but I reckon a fair few of the leafy heartland who vote for the ALP in the lower house won’t want to vote for them in the Senate. If the Democrats were still a force I think they would benefit in a substantial way. The question is will the Greens? I’d like to think so. They’ve made decent gains in the leafy areas in recent times and haven’t been subjected (as much) to the kind of attacks from the libs and family first this campaign (there have been some attacks but they haven’t received the same kind of dodgy media exposure that occured in 04).

    I know that the Greens haven’t tended to receive many Senate votes from people who voted for one of the major parties in the lower house, but my experience over the last few elections has been that more and more people have been taking the Greens HTV cards with just one other card from either the ALP or Libs (obviously more people take a Greens card with an ALP one, but then I’m in Maribyrnong and a fair few votes have taken just the Greens and Libs cards, as counter-intuitive as that sounds). Hopefully this might translate into a few more votes and into a friendlier Senate.

  20. Mr Denmore said

    Lathan handshake moment?? This is more like the Hitler invades Poland moment. I can’t countenance anything so electorally stupid and so reflective of the monster that Howardism has created. That it has happened on the eve of the election provides the perfect book end to an era in our political history that should be confined to the dustbin.

  21. Kate Ellis for PM said

    I was waiting for your comments on Kellygate Poss. As usual loved your analysis, specially this “uber-Bogan Jackie Kelly and her bourbon swilling coterie of mental midgets thought it would be a really shit hot idea to start handing out fake ALP pamphlets depicting Labor being under the thumb of mufti-madness.” Spot on Possum!

  22. Andos the Great said

    Let’s see how JWH handles the questions at the National Press Club…

  23. Andos the Great said

    Jim Middleton just asked about the Greenway incident last election, mentioned at post 4.

    Completely ignored by JWH.

  24. KeepingALidOnIt said

    There is an elegaic note to Howard’s voice in his Press Club speech. I think he knows it is over.

    This week has been a disgrace for the Libs. All of their little dirty tricks efforts during the campaign (earwax, Julia’s ex-boyfriends, the 13 “ineligible” candidates) have not worked. So in desperation, some low-level Liberal Party tools play the race card. We have only just begun to heal from the divisiveness of the earlier Howard years in relation to race issues. Even Howard looks back at his performance on these issues and is probably a little ashamed (witness: his speech to the Reconciliation conference where he berated Aboriginal delegates). No wonder he instantly disavowed their behaviour. But he must recognise that he created this monster, using Pauline Hanson as his stalking horse. He must know that the consequences of this Pandora’s box being opened again are uncontrollable. I can only pray that those consequences are visited only upon him and those others who participated in the original race dog whistle. As a Australian of migrant descent, I hope those consequences descend like locusts in Biblical proportions. Then God would, indeed, be good.

  25. Ratsak said

    There is no sight more beautiful to behold than a pack of lying, dog-whistling, power-hungry, low-lifes hoist upon their own petard.

  26. PaulC said

    At about the 1:18 minute mark in the video – on the bottom of the screen:”What’s the best lie you’ve ever told?” just as the front page flashes up. Priceless stuff!

  27. Diana said

    A former both captain from the Lindsay campaign in 2001 was interviewed on The World Today and he stated that the Libs produced a How To Vote card that mimicked the slogan of the Save the ADI site candidate and that not only did Lib volunteers hand these out on polling day, but they took off the Lib t shirts and wore Save ADI t shirts. The booth captain stated that Jackie Kelly was involved in organising this.

    When the PM ignored Jim Middelton’s question about the actions by the Libs in Greenway….a search was started in my household for a baseball bat, we’re sure there’s one at the back of a cupboard.

  28. PASOK said

    Forget baseball bats, Australia is warming up the bulldozers.

  29. josh lyman said

    Poss, interested that you think this will play bigger in the small “l” seats than the “Howard battler” seats. My first reaction was that the blowback would be in the latter, because that’s where (a) the Tele is read (easily the most outraged paper) and (b) that’s where Bali is sacred. You don’t muck around with that tragedy in those suburbs.

  30. amused said

    Liberal bogans indeed. That’s exactly what they are but the interesting thing is they have taken over the Liberal Party in NSW, and it must be making the small ‘l’ liberals absolutely sick.

    The other point is that it tells you exactly what the Liberals really think of working class voters. They think they are racists and idiots, and John Howard’s tactics and complete contempt for ordinary people stands completely exposed.

    Even rusted on liberal voters are changing their vote as late as this morning. Seems they don’t like their kids being offered jobs on building sites as ‘independent contractors’ offered $12.50 ph. “I have thought about it, and I just can’t stomach it-if they can do this now, what will it be like in a couple of years time”. Yep. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Thanks Nick Minchin, and the rest of the neoliberals.

    There is always a rusted on percentage of working class tory voters, but they have just decamped, possibly forever, and nothing, not even all those people speaking muslim, can get them back. See ya!

  31. thylacinian said

    For those of us old enough to remember things are starting to look as bad as the tomfoolery that exemplified the last days of Billy Big Ears and his cartoon crew in 1972.

  32. Cat said

    29. Josh I am with Poss on this. The dog whistle worked for Howard in the past for a reason. Some of that has abated thankfully but much of it is still latent. Hopefully though it is not enough to counter the anger over interest rates, work choices and housing affordability but is more than enough to add to those who are fed up with everything from AWB to reconciliation.

    On another note the bizarre ways that the libs have boxed themselves in amazes me. I was told today of a 91 year old woman who has voted liberal for 70 years and is voting Labor. Why? Because her gay son is retiring soon and it has changed her view. I mean seriously does anyone think the liberal strategists would have forseen voters of 70 years loyalty abandoning them for that? I think it is just one example of why people seem to be viewing the rodent et al as being stuck in the past. I also have to say I truly admire that lady for being able to break 70 years of habit.

  33. Bobby said

    Just watched Howard at the Press Club and heard his supporters (mainly pathectic ACT liberal opposition members) booing questions about Lindsay. Just shows they know how damaging this is!

    Also I heard the head of the Islamic Federation on the radio this morning calling for Howard to investigate whether this is a widespread view in the Liberals.. good on him.

    The other point I would make is that the statements in the flyer have all been said in slightly less inflamatory language by Howard, Downer and Costello before – remember what he said about Labor being bali boommer sypathisers! Enough said – lets see them try and disown it – just bullsh*t!

  34. Bobby said

    Sorry that was bomer – but you get what I mean

  35. Bobby said

    Here is the media starting to trickle in… can’t wait for the evening news


  36. Rod said

    Given that there are now reports on the ABC that the husband of the Candidate, Karen Chijoff, was also directly involved I wonder what the chances are of a “late scratching” in Lindsay?

  37. […] Possums Pollytics […]

  38. Diana said

    Rod @36, the most mind altering moment of the PM’s press club address was when Michelle Grattan disputed his answer to an earlier question in which he said that Karen Chijoff should not be condemned because of the actions of her husband….the PM coming over all outraged femininst and arguing the point with MG….it was surreal.

  39. Nathan said

    ahh but “KeepingALidOnIt” – “God likes Liberal policy”

  40. Guido said

    I also agree with Possum that this leaflet thing is particularly damaging for the Liberal Party because it show them trying to deceive the voters of Lindsay (they may not be as interested in politics as we are, but they don’t like to be taken as fools) but more particularly by the Liberal liberals that have now had enough of the downgrading of moral standards when it comes to immigration, asylum seekers atc.

    However I disagree that Kooyong will get any of this as Petro Georgiou has been basically the only Liberal to oppose Howard’s policies on these issues (so much so that he was labelled a ‘Political Terrorist’ by another Liberal member of Indi Sophie Panopoulos). I suspect that if anything he will get a swing towards him.

  41. Cat said

    You raise an interesting question Guido. Are the electorate discriminating between small l liberals and the neanderthals or are they all lumped in together? Mind you given Baird and a few other departures I am trying to think who else is left in the small l ranks?

  42. Shrek Returns to Swamp, Finds Donkey

    But out in the Bogansville of Lindsay, uber-Bogan Jackie Kelly and her bourbon swilling coterie of mental midgets thought it would be a really shit hot idea to start handing out fake ALP pamphlets depicting Labor being under the thumb of mufti-madnes…

  43. Mark said

    Yep dopey buggers all round. Don’t know how hard this will bite though. It could spin North Sydney… lot of arty farty TV/production types around North Sydney. But as for the other blueblood seats I can’t see a huge swing to ALP..maybe a protest independant or something like that.

    A lot of Leafy Liberals would chew their own arm off before voting Labor.

    I reckon it’s the new libs (Howard Battlers?), but still have the blue collar stains, and seats with high ethnic mix.

    But then again the polls are saying…what are they saying Possum…Howards F*cked?

    Sorry guys, I’m from Cronulla and I can tell you this stuff is just not worth it. Just leave these people alone they haven’t hurt anyone.

  44. Drew said

    Now that her husband is directly implicated Chijoff must be disendorsed. She can’t win anyway. And damage mounts by the minute.
    But Lib HQ have lost the plot – they will dither overnight before dropping her tomorrow morning (too late to stop the Kelly Gang being splashed across page 1 of the Tele for second day running).

  45. Christian said

    Can a candidate be disendorsed this late? Surely she’d have to stay on and the Libs ask for a by-election?

  46. paul said

    Wow, I don’t think I have ever heard oakes be so savage before.

  47. steve_e said

    The 2 husbands have resigned Kelly’s and Chijoff’s. Both claim that their wives NO NOTHING.

    This absence of knowledge seems to be an epidemic infecting the Libs at a rapid rate. There are many who would say that this could be an accurate description of their knowledge banks.

    Fortunately there is a cure. It is known as 6 O’Clock Closing on 24/11.

  48. Bobby said

    Amazing to see that the Daily Terror is going to endorse a vote for Rudd tomorrow – Not that most people read editorials – still can’t hurt can it… they can obviously see the writing on the wall and would hate to back the loser!

  49. Christian said

    Channel 10 just reported an unconfirmed rumour that the Lib candidate just deregistered, but nothing yet on the web.

  50. V said

    Laurie Oakes said that the tele quotes Egan saying he didn’t deliver any unauthorised pamphlets. When asked, he claimed these were authorised. The big question is by who?

  51. Bobby said

    Anyone with rumours about tomorrows polls??? – just heard Paul Bongiorno on 10 say galaxy had Labor 52 and Libs 46 tpp – doesn’t add up! He also said that ACNeilson has Labor further ahead.

  52. Christian said

    Galaxy 52/48 and ACN is 55/45 according to radio buzz, connected by the lovely disclaimer ‘leaked last-minute polling’.

    They can still lose with 52/53, right…. shiver.

  53. Bobby said

    Galaxy is wrong has to be Poss doesn’t it… Help us!

  54. thesilverbodgie said

    Looks like “Team Rodent” is about to be given the treatment they fully deserve.
    What about the explanation Kelly tried to peddle.Yet another inept Rodent supporter.

  55. Damien said

    Wasn’t it just great seeing the old Oak fired up like that? He was spot on too; Kelly’s performance in that interview was nothing short of disgraceful.

    Has the Liberal candidate (Chijoff?) had anything to say on the matter? She must have known…

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