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Vale Matty Price

Posted by Possum Comitatus on November 25, 2007

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

A true genius of the pen, with an incredible ability for metaphor and micky taking.

A life snatched away far too early.


50 Responses to “Vale Matty Price”

  1. Robert Wiblin said

    Shocking to hear of Matty’s death. =( He will be missed by Australian political followers everywhere. Condolences to his family.

  2. Rattus nonveritas said

    Hear hear Possum, any young death is cause for regret, and the loss of a young husband and father doubly so. Matt was a gret contributor to the health of our democracy. All must take comfort from the knowledge that his was not a wasted life. Rest in peace Matt.

  3. Paul said

    This is a terrible outcome for intelligent journalism in this country, I feel for the Price clan, so long Matt.

  4. pendoppo said

    He was one of the best.

  5. rabitoh said

    A crap piece of news on what was otherwise a sunny day. A top journo, gracious, witty and a balance against the self-importance of the other GG journos. Such a loss.

    Farewell Matt.

  6. Lomandra said

    Very sad. I hope his family knows how respected he has been among many in the blogatariat.

  7. mate said

    Well, thats fu(*ed

  8. Eljenxo said

    When Dennis Shanahan’s absurd writings had me tearing my hair out in disbelieving angst, it was Matt’s articles I turned to for balance, logic and humour. A GREAT man indeed – so sad 😦

  9. Beach Ball said

    This morning on Insiders Barrie Cassidy said he spoke to Matt during the week. Matt said he was feeling strong and positive – and that is the only way forward.

    The news this afternoon is an absolute shock and sours what was just a magnificent weekend.

    My thoughts and wishes go to his family and the combined intelligence of Australian Journalism is greatly diminished as of today.

  10. I agree Mate (#7). Fuc*ed. Great person.

  11. ruth johnson said

    like beach ball heard barrie cassidy on insiders and thought what great news and now have just heard the sad news.well respected by all. sincerest condolances to his family

  12. GS said

    A fellow West Aussie. I’d seen him do local news stories (ch7?) and always enjoyed the sense of humour. So sad – he enlivened the GG.

  13. Stephen T said

    Today of all days. What a tragedy. He has left a tradition in journalism that should be a shinning example to others. Condolensces to his family.

  14. Styx said

    Well said Possum. Vale Matt you will be missed. Your humour and laid back manner brightened many a Sunday morning during your appearance on “The Insiders’. Your column in ‘The Australian’ was often an oasis of sanity in a desert of vitriol and pomposity.

  15. Mountaingoat said

    The saddest news on such a wonderful day 😦 Goodbye Matt, I have missed you every day since you fell ill and am more than shocked to hear you are gone. Condolences to your family and friends, your contributuion to journalism in this country was golden. Thankyou.

  16. Kerneels said

    This is a real shock and difficult to believe. I think we all knew he had a tough battle to fight, but with his wit and balanced outlook we just assumed he could beat anything. I have so missed reading his column, hard to think this is the end. I hope his family will know how much we all appreciated their dad and feel for their loss.

  17. r@tzRUS said

    Dear God,

    You’ve taken Andrew Olle, Paul Lyneham and now Matt Price all too early, all highly respected professional journalists who told it like it is.

    In the meantime Andrew Nut (sorry, Bolt), Piers Akermann, Janet Albrechtson and the rest of the GG clacque, a bunch of unabashed reactionary propagandists pretending to be journalists and hence have their views given appropriate coverage and gravity, are still very much alive.

    Could you please consider this apparent imbalance next time, in your infinite wisdom and love, you decide to kill someone in the Australian news media in their prime through some horrible disease?



  18. Ian said

    Very sad. I especially liked his stories of his adventures as a Freo
    Dockers supporter.

  19. r@tzRUS said

    My first visit to WA was in August/September this year. In the otherwise totally forgettable Murdoch Sunday Times over there a column by Matt Price (the last thing I ever read/heard from him) stood out like a diamond in a bag of Smarties. He was talking about WorkChoices, about how it didn’t have to be like that, about how the government should have said that while it had the majority to ram things through the Senate it would consult extensively while drawing up the legislation and actually listen and take its time. About how the government had used its long-awaited Senate majority to hang an albatross around its neck. It was superb stuff, fine analysis, and written more in sorrow (and disbelief?) than anger. It was political journalism at its very best.

    He always stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the reactionary cheer (jeer?) squad at the GG and was excellent on The Insiders as well.

    To paraphrse the old song, if there’s an Australian journalists’ heaven, they’ve got one hell of a team?

    Rest in peace Matt…

  20. Why said

    Our condolences to Matt’s family and friends
    Such sad news,a tragic loss for everyone touched by Matt’s awesome wit and insight.
    Rest In Peace

  21. Kate Parker said

    Possum, I saw the news of Matt’s passing here, and although I knew his prognosis was dire, I find it hard to believe he has gone. I knew Matt at UWA when we both studied Politics in the early 80s and have always followed his career with interest and respect. His articles and Sketch were the highlights of The Oz and he will be sadly missed. Vale Matt.

  22. SirEggo said

    Vale Matt Price

    Political journalism is poorer for his passing

    Shocked me too, especially when I heard Barry Cassidy this morning

    No justice, I tell you, no justice

  23. Cannon said

    Must admit, when I heard Cassidy’s mention of Matt Price on today’s “Insiders” I thought, “Uh oh, that sounds like hoping aganist hope…” Sadly, I was right.

    Vale, Matt – a straightforward, entertaining, non-idealogue journalist – a true rarity at the GG. You will be missed.

  24. Burgey said

    Farwell Matt, one of the good guys.

    Too young, with so much still to offer.

  25. So sad. And so soon after the diagnosis.

  26. Enemy Combatant said

    “Shocking to hear of Matty’s death. =( He will be missed by Australian political followers everywhere. Condolences to his family.”
    Yes, indeed, RW.

  27. James said

    He was indeed one of the good guys – a bloke who clearly found it difficult to hate, and who was as a result able to bring out the human in anyone he wrote about. He made most of the other columnists at the Oz seem relentlessly awful by comparison. Goodbye Matt.

  28. otiose said

    before joining this blog i was ignorant of matt price, though through it i learned of his illness and now sad demise. the opinions of so many here indicate a very real sense of loss and appreciation for professionalism that is EXTREMELY rare in journalists in australia – because i respect the views of those that have posted very positive obits i feel that i too would like to honour an obviously well respected journalist and to offer commiserations to his family and friends

  29. Tony said

    HI all I was pleased to hear from Barry Cassidy that he had been to see Matt and he was still fighting and in good spirits. So I was this morning deeply shocked to hear that Matt had passed away. He will be sorely missed by all. My condolences go out to his family, and I know every one here will miss his wit and plain speaking.
    Tony M Perth

  30. David Richards said

    I never read the Oz.. but came across Matt’s work from time to time elsewhere.
    The times I caught him on Insiders – he was a welcome balance to Piers and Bolt.

    No justice when Ollie, Lyneham, and now Matt go, so early.. and we have to suffer the peanut gallery.

    All the best to Matt’s family.

  31. K Jin said

    Barry Cassidy used Matt Price this morning SHAME SHAME

  32. K Jin said

    Today I was banned/blocked from Poll Bludger for suggesting Barry Cassidy took early advantage of Matt Price’s death. Now everyone is saying that on the site. Indeed W Bowe has made his last big post about the insiders before his site dies 4 lack of interest. It has now been shown that W Bowe is as a big gutless wonder as P Costello

  33. Bemused said

    I don’t know what planet you’re on, K Jin, but you seem unaware of the fact that Matt was a regular on Insiders and was one of the highlights of a truly wonderful show. Barry Cassidy has given regular updates on his health on the program ever since he fell ill, so that those of us who loved him could know how he was doing.

    Matt was one of the very best, and will be sorely missed.

  34. Nickq said

    I remember seeing Matt occasionally around cafes in Perth. I never met him, but it was always a pleasure to see someone I held so much respect for in the neighbourhood. His death is a great, saddening loss. I have missed his voice over the past months, and will miss it even more sadly in the months and years to come.

    A writer of wit, but also of incisive intelligence. And though I never met him, I am sure, a man of the great honour, humanity and integrity.

    Sincerest condolences to his family. I wish them well.

  35. otiose said

    i certainly do NOT wish to prey polemic – GLORIOUS – ljh was ….. WAS ….. UMMMMMM …… 😉

  36. Ron Brown said

    I wrote in Caroline Overton’s ‘oz’ blog last week re her emails to George Newhouse & her unprofessional approach to his ex partner to preference Turnbull (she lives in the Electorate , that the difference between her and Matt Price is she now has no journalistic integrity whereas Matt will always been remembered for his integrity and the wit he entangled with it.

  37. Those whom the Gods love, die young.

    We miss you, Matty. Like the song says, “I would have liked to have known you” – now I never will. A double tragedy, for those of us who are Dockers fans and political junkies.

    To family and friends, much sympathy.

  38. alpal said

    I never met Matt Price – but I knew him. His writing and his insights were at another level to those turgid pundits in the Gallery. He was the most perceptive of them all – and nothing like the petulant mob I had to deal with in Canberra is the 70’s and 80’s. I hope his employer can find a way to permanently honour his memory.

  39. Mathew Cole said

    Why is it that intelligent, clear-eyed people like Matt Price get killed young, while the world that he left behind still has to deal with Akerman, Shanahan and Albrechtsen?

    God? Are you there? It’s me, Mathew Cole. I HATE YOU.

  40. ae said

    Very sad news. I learnt only this morning that Matt had passed away. I really feel for his wife Sue and his kids. So young and so talented. You will be missed Matt. RIP

  41. dave said

    A very sorry day indeed. One of the best and so young.

    Thanks Matt for your articles and condolences to your family.

    You will be missed

  42. BlueSkyMining said

    I, like others above, would like to express my deepest condolences to Matt’s family, friends and work colleagues. For though the many of us who knew Matt through his written and television work will feel a great sense of loss, it is those who knew and loved him personally that will feel the real pain.

    And to those people who in comments made above who, explicitly or implicitly, wished for the untimely demise of any of Matt’s colleagues in the press in “preference” to himself, I can only say that I am sure Matt would be ashamed of his supporters for expressing such sentiments. Much less would Matt’s family and close friends wish for such a thing, knowing as they now do the despair and pain of losing him so quickly. Wish not for others what you should never have to go through yourselves, regardless of your political opinions.

    Matt Price has been struck down in his prime by a awful and insidious disease. Do not look to blame a “god” for the “injustice” of such a random event. But please do remember and celebrate Matt’s life and contribution to the lives of all those he touched, including us. More than that, remember him by emulating his best qualities of inquiry, skepticism, optimism and civility through your own writings here and elsewhere. He is a shining example of a thoroughly decent human being, which we should all aspire to.

    Vale Matt Price.

  43. Just Me said

    RIP Matt. One of the best, taken too young. Thanks for your outstanding contribution, it will not be forgotten. Deepest condolences to your family and friends.

  44. denise said

    i am sure matt will live in all our hearts, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, nothing we can say at this time would console, it is so tragic.
    I must say i have written on a few sites in the last year and Matt was the only one who answered my question , god bless you Matt.
    Matt will be with us in spirit so jouranlist who need spirital help to guide you on your way, just ask Matt and i am sure you will suddenly have inspiration.

  45. B1 said

    A very sad loss for politics and footy coverage and also for life in general but most of all for his family and friends. Matt’s writing was so good and with the way he responded on his blog he made everyone feel like they knew him.

  46. pjw said

    Very very sad. A great loss. Very deepest condolences to his family and friends.

  47. bsquaredinoz said

    A sad loss indeed. Funny, clever, insightful and wonderfully un-biased journalists and human beings are not so abundant that we can afford to lose them before their time. RIP Matt Price. You will be remembered with great fondness.

  48. JB said

    I’ve been feeling very very sad about Matt’s passing. As these comments show, he was really well respected amongst the blogger community, a jewel of journalism. As someone said above, us bloggers can’t possibly mioss him the same as his family and friends. But I hope his family and friends might get some comfort from the fact that so many people who never knew him in person will miss him so much. I miss you Matt. Vale.

  49. pablo said

    Good-bye Matty price The only bloke to keep his cool and keep to true political views.

    We will miss you!

  50. Cassy said

    Matt Price – remembered with the deepest gratitude for wise words, crackerjack wit and a rare decency.

    So very loved and terribly missed.

    Your family is in our hearts …

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