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A plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Posted by Possum Comitatus on January 31, 2008

With apropos to Judge Growler of Greeensborough for inspiring the Baldrick headline.

Karl Rove it ain’t but Rove McManus it just might be. Over at The Australian, Little Miss Maiden has uncovered one of the funniest things you’ll see for a long, long time. They’re a couple of documents, maybe extracts, of some “strategic advice” that’s been circulating through the Liberal ranks (you can download the documents from The Oz article).

The advice was produced by Don D’Cruz, once part of the IPA set – but the less said about him the better. I’m sure he’s wishing the less said about him the better right about now.

Anyways, the spiel basically goes that the Libs believe that abolishing Workchoices will lead to a breakout of wage inflation (which would flow through to higher interest rates etc etc), that to win the political battle the Libs should not only support abolishing Workchoices, but push Rudd to fast track it, to make him do it quicker than he ordinarily would – that way, shit will hit the fan before the next election allowing the Libs to waltz back into power blowing a big “I told youse so” raspberry to the electorate over economic management.

It also involves the Libs engaging with the labour movement so they can run political insurgency operations aimed at creating unrest at the lower levels of the union movement, extorting businesses over IR reform to receive greater campaign donations and a whole lot of horsefluff about taking the moral high ground.

Yeah yeah, I know – it really is as loopy as it sounds. But it also sounds like it’s not particularly original either, resembling some strange operationalised strategic fantasy based on this IPA document (thanks to Mark from LP).

Apparently Spanky Nelson and Aquaman can easily make a public backflip from dying in a ditch supporting Workchoices less than 70 days ago, to not only completely agreeing with its removal, but demanding that Rudd abolish it in a time frame far, far quicker than Rudd has planned!

And apparently nearly all of this can be achieved this year, and apparently the public wont go “WTF – Who put the crack in the orange juice?” because they will be in pure awe of Nelson standing up for fairness… or something.

One of the funniest parts of the comic strip was where the union movement was described :

“The new generation union leaders (including those in Parliament), are highly educated, experienced, business savvy deal-makers of equal capacity to top business operators in Australia.”

But then the “advice” goes on to assume that these same “highly educated, experienced, business savvy deal-makers of equal capacity to top business operators in Australia” will go and act like complete lunatics by making unsustainable wage claims, start bickering with the Labor Party, will tie up the ALP in internal shitfights – and all through little more than the charismatic power of Brendan Nelsons hair… oh, and a few quips about the need for fairness and taking the moral high ground.

But the truly funny thing is the document assumes that anyone will be paying any attention to anything that the Liberal Party has to say for the next few years. That really is stand up comedian stuff.

The documents provide a veritable shooting gallery of political naivety, and there is such a large quantity of nonsense contained in the “advice” that it’s hard to know just where to begin, let alone to stop when it comes to pointing out its plentiful inanities – it’s no wonder that some Libs leaked it to the media. It’s certainly an effective way to kill off any potential outbreak of derangement that might occur in the Liberal party should some parts of it, in their desperation, start taking this horseshit seriously.

The best piece of advice D’Cruz could have given the Liberal Party is to stop listening to their ever tightening incestuous circle of apparatchiks when it comes to advice in the first place – but that’s another story.

Go and have a read of the documents, then decide whether you should laugh or cry.

48 Responses to “A plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.”

  1. Heh!

    Nicely said.

  2. Smile said

    Question – did a Turnbull supporter leak this to try and make Nelson look like a fool? Because it seems that some of the “advice” (seeking to talk to the unions) has already been adopted by Bendin’ Brendon…

  3. […] Possum has his say: The documents provide a veritable shooting gallery of political naivety, and there is […]

  4. Kevin B. said

    The sad thing is, these are the same people who were giving advice to the last government for 11 years – “create a diversion and a wedge, make Australia a shitty place, blame it on the ALP or the unions, and the public will vote for you in spades!” And, it sems safe to say, that advice was acted on.

  5. Ron said

    You are wrong to assume Don D’Cruz who was part of the IPA set
    wrote this ‘advice’

    There was a “Don D’Cruz” which was the pen name at Melbourne University in the 1980,s of the leader of the Lib Student body newspaper

    As I recall that leader went by the name of Peter Costello

  6. Ron said

    on second thoughts , the quality of the ‘advice’ may be above Peter’s capacity.

    The moral of the ‘advice’ that 2010 will be fought by the Libs on economice grounds & union power was always expected

  7. “But the truly funny thing is the document assumes that anyone will be paying any attention to anything that the Liberal Party has to say for the next few years. That really is stand up comedian stuff.”

    Nuff Said !!!


  8. Just Me said

    Perfect script for a musical comedy.

  9. gam said

    hahahahaha er… this is a joke… right? for reals? next you’ll be telling us that b-lo runs the liberal party campaign out of his one bedroom flat.

  10. Greeensborough Growler said

    Just Me,

    This would be the show stopper.

  11. B.S. Fairman said

    Classic “the worse, the better” but it is coming from the wrong side of politics.

    They clearly don’t think much of those “Union Bosses” if believe the “bosses” will jump into bed with them.

  12. The Doctor said

    The Liberals have just disappeared down the rabbit hole. I think saw white rabbit dressed in a tartan waistcoat, muttering at a fob watch enter!

  13. tigtog said

    Gobsmacked. Can the Libs possibly get any more incompetent?

  14. […] Addit: And they seem to have confidence in overarching financial conspiracies to spare, having seemingly passed it on to some Liberal Party advisors. A plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel. […]

  15. Guise said

    The gem of all gems in the lapidary:

    “unions would probably not be able to resist meeting with the Coalition.”

    I laughed. It still hurts.

  16. stevet said

    This is classic first term Opposition naivety, not unlike what the Labor Party went through in 1996. Just for the record, I am a member of the ALP.

    The Tories are in a debilitating state of self-denial right now. It will be a long time before they come to realise that they only way they will win the election is by coming up with an alternative set of policies.

    Think about it: There was nothing wrong with WorkChoices. Nothing at all. And we will prove it to all of those ninnies who voted us out by helping to abolish it because then the sky will fall in. We didn’t lose the election. That pesky Kevin Rudd tricked everybody…and so on…and so on…and so on.

  17. Martin L said

    What I find funny is the condescending “acknowledgement” that some union leaders are (gasp!) as capable as top business people. Anyone who has met a lot of top business people would find that a pretty funny statement, given the distinguishing feature of the majority of them is their rapacity and their mediocrity (there are the rare stand out exceptions). The one skill most have is to be good at selling (of themselves usually) with little else to recommend them.

    A tangent I know but couldn’t resist.

  18. Grumps said

    I am aghast, the liberals planning economic terrorism in the hope of regaining government. They have said for 10 years that they would stand strongly against any form of terrorism and ensure our economy stood strong. This cannot be right?!?!?!?!?!?!? They don’t lie and steal. They have, told us so often enough they don’t do this.

    Lets look for a logical reason starting with little miss maiden.
    1. Obviously forgetting there was a change of government she has rocked up to the prime ministers office for her dole out of good story (like a good GG reporter). The labor party thought they would have fun and dumped some scrap paper they found in the office on her.
    2. Obviously sensing a change in the reader profile of the GG, desperastely scrabbled in the bottm draw of their desk and found this.
    3. Dudded by ‘No Balls’ , in an unattributal interview, in his white ant run up to accepting liberal leadership (on a plate style).

    Don D,cruz
    1. Realizing, he has worked out his contract with those who deny the electorate voted them out, trying to gain some validity on the street by ratting on the rats
    2. A cunning plot to infiltrate the labor party so as he can maintian a job, and will desert labor at next loss hoping to regain favour with the liberals with a bucket load of information.

    Aqua Boy
    1. Unable to buy the leadership at an acceptable price trying to run down the brand and price.

    Crosby Textor
    1. Have found leaker of polling information, are attempting pay back.

    Quite right Possum don’t know whether to laugh or cry

  19. Ronin said

    I have another cunning plan : The Liberal should target the wage inflation at the upper end for CEO and Board Directors, and outlaw ‘golden parachutes’. Once the government go along, the pandering to popularism will destroy the Labor Party at the next election!!

  20. J-D said

    Sounds like Xanatos Roulette to me:


  21. Bobby said

    I swear there is a PhD in what happens to a political party going from Government to Opposition! If any Liberals actually think this is remotely useful ‘advice’ it just proves how astoundingly out of touch from reality the Liberal’s became in government.

    My favourite bit is the assumption that Rudd doesn’t understand his own IR policy…Anyone who has any contact with Rudd would know that he is an absolute freak for detail. Its one of his greatest strengths. Did he make any stuff-ups during the campaign – no major ones that I remember – and definately not related to policy detail. As an ex-bureaucrat he knows detail and knows how to implement policy.

    I just can’t wait till Parliament resumes – Rudd and co will have a field day!

  22. B.S. Fairman said

    Part of the mistake that is made by the conservative side is they argue that the Union are still wanting to engage in class war and uses that as a reason to attack them in a pot calling the kettle black way (in a sort of anti-class war class war). Back in the real world, the majority of the Union members and most of the “Bosses” understand the importance of “working with” the management side of things as it is in everyone’s best interest. But that I mean they are not out to destory their employers any more the employers want to crush the workers.

    And the part about the ALP’s policy setting out to damage the Left of the party doesn’t hold too much water given how much weight the Left has in cabinet. Or are all those ministers not smart enough to see their power base is going to be weakened?

  23. Hamster said

    It also involves the Libs engaging with the labour movement so they can run political insurgency operations aimed at creating unrest at the lower levels of the union movement.


    Oh geez, I can’t hardly wait.

  24. John VK said

    I read these two docos, I was gobsmacked at the overt strategic need to play ducks and drakes with work choices which is what in reality actually did the coalition in.

    My main thought on conclusion, was who leaked it. Like your much abused twisted and wrung dry Cosby Textor documents, (this is not meant as derision) but the leak itself has one function and that is to destabliise, my reading question is if it is a lib party member with an agenda, then who.

    Otherwise it’s a hacker.

    We will never know, I guess but the present leadership team Nelson and Blondie wear the fallout.

  25. Enemy Combatant said

    Round and round the Liberally bush,
    Aquaboy chased the weasel,
    That’s the way the money goes,
    Pop! goes the weasel.


  26. Rates Analyst said

    To be fair, this is almost the same exact strategy that Keating pulled in the lead-up to the 1996 election about the GST.

    Of course the in the lead-up to bit is important.

  27. Rates Analyst said

    Whoops…. 1993.

  28. bilko said

    Your blog heading should have been a black adder not baldrick reference just heared it on our dvd, ep 1 of series 3 courtesy of my grandkids, otherwise everything is spot.

  29. Meng Tan said

    As Rove might say, “What the …?”

  30. Benneong Resident said

    Wrong Wrong Wrong !!!

    It’s “More cunning than a fox recently appointed as Professor of Cunning at Oxford University.”

    So there.

  31. The Finnigans said

    Anyone knows what happens to http://www.pollbludger.com? It’s been offline for over 24 hrs now

  32. Rates Analyst said

    Finnigans: PollBludger’s up and running mate. Suggest you might need to call the ISP.

  33. bilko said

    how adout more cunning than a rodent on speaking gig in the good old U S of A

  34. Francis said

    Does anyone else suspect the libs are just riding this ‘wage inflation workchoices’ thing so hard because there is a good economic case to expect that wages are going to balloon a fair bit in the next 5 years anyway? Rents are just starting to catch up with house prices in sydney, and that means later on wages are going to have to catch up with rents. Plus the long term forecast for the dollar is down again so that’s going to cut deep on yuppies trying to buy their new plasma and peugeot…

  35. David Richards said

    Anyone who voted Liberal in 2004.. your chickens have come home to roost…

  36. Mercurius said

    Brilliant! Why let WorkChoices lose them only one election when it can lose them two on the trot?

    The sooner they stop listening to the IPA, CIS and Menzies Institute for advice, the sooner they’ll be electable again…maybe.

  37. dawson said

    The Libs love to believe in the politics of envy, don’t they?
    Isn’t that the subtext here – “Unionists envy us. They want to be just like us. If we talk to them, treat them like friends, show them the secret handshakes, they’ll think we accept them and that they’ve made it.”
    I remember after 1993, Bronwyn Bishop explaining that the trade union bosses had gone to the factories and told the workers to vote Labor and that each of these workers had gone home and told their families to vote Labor and that’s why Keating had won.
    Good to see that such simplistic pigeon holing is still alive and well today.

  38. Rod said


    What happened in 96, 98, 01, and 04? Did the union bosses tell the workers to vote libs.

    Shell shock is a word that comes to mind, they are behaving like the germans after WW1, we didn’t lose the war (election), we were betrayed (undermined) by the jews (union bosses).

  39. 2 tanners said

    And in today’s news, it looks like they may have actually adopted the policy. Mezmerelda got rolled big time.

  40. PJK for President said

    The concentration in these documents on the risk of wages growth leading to growing inflation is interesting. There is a genuine risk of higher inflation over the next three years as we have seen from the recent Reserve Bank deliberations. It is a fact that inflation leading to higher interest rates and in turn to higher unemployment is a route to election defeat.

    It is also a fact that we already have inflationary pressures with existing IR conditions so it is incorrect to claim that inflation is being controlled by WorkChoices. Proponents of WorkChoices claim that AWAs mean higher wages but in the next breadth say that their abolition will lead to higher wages. They can’t have it both ways. Even now, most people are not on AWAs and those that are are mainly in the Commonwealth Public Sector and Mining.

    The latest reports on wages growth are:
    “Inflation is being driven by “the general background of strong demand and tight capacity, as well as rises in global commodity prices,” central bank Assistant Governor Malcolm Edey told business leaders in Sydney yesterday. There also is “some evidence very recently of higher wages growth,” he said.”

    This is all happening without any changes to the IR regime of the last few years.
    There is little doubt that inflation and interest rates will rise in the short term. The cause of this has to be sheeted home to the previous government’s inability to expand capacity. It has to be understood that wages are growing because employers in the private sector are increasingly offering higher wages to get and keep staff. Wages growth has very little to do with Union pressures and everything to do with demand.

    In the public sector wages are growing as State Governments try to retain professionally skilled workers like nurses, teachers, physios etc. This is where there are Union pressures. The Public Sector is more Unionised than the private sector and the relevant unions are large and influential. It is in these areas that there needs to be political management and cooperation with the union leaders by Federal Labor. There have been many wage claims lodged from these Unions with demands for 23% and the like over the next 3 years. Once again, though, changes to WorkChoices will have no impact.

    The Rudd government has to manage demand and capacity constraints if its going to control inflation and interest rates. There won’t be a wages break-out as WorkChoices is demolished. The Liberals might be hoping that they can surf back to power on the back of high inflation and interest rates, but it is wishful thinking on their part if they believe that getting rid of AWAs and WorkChoices will provide the wave.

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