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Newspoll Tuesday – Bon Jovi Edition

Posted by Possum Comitatus on March 18, 2008

If you were thinking that the political story of the morning was the latest Newspoll, well – you’d probably be right. But! As Christian Kerr reports in his new home over at The Oz, the other big news of the day is what Brendan Nelson has declared in the latest register of members interests that was tabled in Parliament yesterday – his ownership of a ticket to see Bon Jovi!

As someone that owns a not inconsiderable number of Bon Jovi albums (shhhhhhhh!), I can sympathise with poor old Brendan here being outed as a bit of a closet fan, unless of course, it’s a cunning plan to boost his stocks with the sympathy vote.

The latest Newspoll figures have the ALP primary vote down 4 points to 47 with the Coalition up 4 to 35 for a two party preferred result of 59/41 to the ALP – a 4 point drop from last poll. Rudds satisfaction is down 4 (to 65) and his dissatisfaction up 5 (to 17) – I suppose that is to be expected after the fabricated nonsense being peddled last week about carers payments getting axed, while satisfaction for the Nightwatchman is up 6 (to 35) and dissatisfaction is down 1(to 37).

But the number that’s been amusing us all lately, the preferred PM rating, has Nelson back into double figures at 10 points! I guess all that hard work during the last fortnight (albeit by some News Ltd journos) paid off.

Keep the faith Brendan!



Ha! I was going to a write a long spiel riddled with Bon Jovi cliches and youtube links, but thought it was too corny.

Guess not from the comments so far! It’s good to know I’m not the only one with a sad sense of humor.


Poor Old Nighwatchman – Sure he might have been “the last man standing” in the leadership contest, but from last weeks parliamentry performance, poor old Brendan looks like he’s crying out “I want to be loved”! Have you ever seen anyone ooze such caring from every pore in their body? He had “something for the pain” that everyone was feeling – carers, pensioners, you name a vulnerable section of the community and Brendan was saying “we aint strangers anymore” and “I’ll be there for you”. Unfortunately it all looked a little too much like “love for sale” than any real notion of compassion rediscovered.

The nightwatchman’s “complicated” tenure on the leadership “these days”, where no one wants it just right now, but everyone wouldnt mind a piece of it a little later on means that we can probably all expect more of this type of vacuous “if that’s what it takes” policy theatrics over the coming months. Nelson knows that the reality of his leadership is a case of drawing on one perpetual “last cigarette”, where he’s “damned” whatever he does. In a situation like this, “stick to your guns” seems to be the angle de jure, even if the theme of “everybodys broken” with a dash of “fear” for effect is hardly believable.

On “any other day” in any other year it would be “damned” for the political piffle it essentially is, but Nelson understands that he needs to be seen as having “something to believe in”. For the moment that perception falls away, there’ll be a “whole lot of leaving going on” in his parliamentry support base, and he’ll be “one step closer” to the “bad medicine “ of a leadership spill.

So for now, his motto seems to be “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, and “hey god”, you know, you’ve just gotta “keep the faith”. While it might be an all too familiar “story of my life” for Nelsons political career, the one thing he does understand is that when it comes to being the leader of a political party – “it’s hard letting you go”. The bloke might look “unbreakable”, but he knows the “bitter wine” that is to come.

After 27 Bon Jovi references, I’m exhausted :mrgreen:

People have asked about Ozforums – I have no idea, they’re down for me too.



16 Responses to “Newspoll Tuesday – Bon Jovi Edition”

  1. Bobby said

    At the risk of giving poor old Dennis attention – I did find it amusing that he has reprised his honeymoon is over theme! Perhaps we should rename him Tex Shanahan…

  2. jarraparilla said

    Kerr writes that Foreign Minister Stephen Smith “discontinued his free Foxtel subscription”. Why did he get a free subscription in the first place? Is this a Murdoch freebie to up-and-coming politicians? Do any other MPs enjoy this dubious privelege?

  3. Well, he’s got that right

    Rudd’s bonus backflip didn’t make me popular, says Nelson
    I’m not sure 10% counts as “popular”. But go read Possum’s analysis for the covert Bon Jovi plan to move Brendan’s numbers higher.

  4. Possum Comitatus said

    They get it for Sky News one would imagine.

  5. steve_e said

    Bon Jovi’s hit “Livin’ On a Prayer” makes an excellent theme song for the Nightwatchman.

    In fact some may say he has taken it to heart and it characterises his leadership.

  6. Jason said

    I would like to see the NWM bound into all future pressers to the strains of Bad Medicine.

  7. Jason said

    oops sorry

  8. Buddy Christ said

    How on earth Shanahan can conceivably spin this as a positive poll for the Nightwatchman is beyond me. Rudd was always going to fall, there’s only so many symbolic gestures requiring no policy to enact. Now the business of giving and taking money from people kicks in. There is still a 60-odd point difference in preferred PM…hardly a comeback. And if the honeymoon is now over then the Libs are in dire straits…

  9. Kevin B. said

    Yes, Buddt, but think of the glory!! Ten per cent!! This is the highest poll that Brendan Nelson has ever achieved!! At this rate of improvement, he will have a 180% approval rating by the next election.

  10. David Richards said

    You pointing the Bono at Nightwatchman, poss? They’ve gone from Me2 to U2. (U2 can be a Liberal Party leader.. just send your donations to the Liberal Party, and the largest donation wins)

    Achtung, Baby

  11. Just Me said

    Perhaps Mr Nelson should take a lesson from recent Liberal party history, and quit now, at the peak of his political career.

  12. Jason said

    Bravo Poss on the update – you are Slippery, not Wet.

  13. David Richards said

    OK – so I confused Jovi with Bono, so shoot me :p

    Actually, I thought the only people Lib leaders (and aspirants) had tickets on was themselves?

    My Rx for the ailing Libs is to take two aspirants and poll the electorate in the morning.

  14. TrueBeliever said

    Mixing Bon Jovi and the Libs without referencing Living on a Prayer – now thats talent. What will Nelson put on the stereo the night he is rolled? My money is on “Thank you for loving me”. LOL

  15. […] Possum’s commentators made a powerful case for taking the low road; a million Bon Jovi references mocking Mr Nelson.    […]

  16. […] Will the real Brendan Nelson please stand up? Is it the man Annabel Crabb saw on Tuesday, the mild-mannered doctor with substantial empathy for those suffering from misfortune” whose “attention is drawn disproportionately to the Gothic end of the human suffering spectrum”? Or is the rabid Bon Jovi fan? […]

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