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Possums Getting Married

Posted by Possum Comitatus on April 8, 2008

My childhood sweetheart of 15 years has decided that the time is right for her to sign my ownership papers even though I keep telling her that a semi-vintage model like myself doesn’t come with much of a warranty these days – too old to be considered fashionable, but not old enough to be considered vintage chic. Yet despite my many flaws – some rough paint work, zero fashion sense and a predilection for inappropriate metaphors to name but a few of the kinder ones, she’s still keen, god bless her.

So this weekend, vows will be said, rings exchanged, embarrassing family anecdotes inevitably retold and exaggerated, and much merriment will be had by all – and from this grand ritual, apparently I will metamorphosise into an honest marsupial. Well, not too honest… some things are probably well beyond the reach of any ritual.

As you would imagine, weddings bring a special type of holiday that generally takes ones attention away from the world around them and as a result, the Pollytics site will be going a little slower for the next 3 or 4 weeks. However, I’m fairly certain that our honeymoon won’t be as long as, say, a certain political leader’s, and I will be back before that mythical slayer of honeymoons everywhere – The Budget – gets delivered.

We are actually heading to Tasmania for our honeymoon – avoiding the usual tourist traps and spending a few weeks leisurely roaming around the State hunting down the best food and wine that the Apple Isle locally produces.

So maybe some of you folks could answer a question if you’d be kind enough – know any well hidden Tasmanian food and wine secrets?


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  1. gam+sarah said

    congratulations from us poss, may you have much happiness!

  2. Peter said

    Many congratulations, mate. Best wishes to you both, enjoy your honeymoon, and try and forget about politics for a while 🙂

  3. caf said


    I can recommend the Jansz and Pipers Brook vineyards (neighbouring each other, and a little way out of Launceston to the east). Also the pancakes at Mt Elephant Pass (near St Marys on the east coast).

  4. TERRY of Hobart & Perth said

    “Dear Mr& Mrs Comitatus””

    I flit between Perth & Hobart regularly, and, if this is your first trip to Tasmania, you have many delights and pleasures awaiting you. In no particular order I list the following:
    1. GrandVewe dairy: 25 mins south of Hobart. Wonderful sheep milk cheeses and reasonable wines. Get there at 3:30 to 4, sit on the balcony with a cheese tasting platter and a bottle of white, and enjoy a magnificent view over the d’Entrecasteaux Channel. At that time the sheep will be moseying up the hill for milking, and you can go and watch that too!
    2. Further S (maybe another 10 min) Home Hill Vineyard in the Huon Valley. Wonderful dining area, with full length windows overlooking the vines against a backdrop of rolling hills. Food & wine excellent.
    3. In the other direction, 20 min from Hobart (turn off from the airport road)go to the Coal Valley Vineyard. Again, excellent food and wine, with a wonderful outlook across vines to the river/estuary.
    4. In Hobart, at Salamanca place, go to Mezethes Greek restaurant. Best calamari ever!
    5. Also in Salamanca Place, Hobart Bookshop is a must for browsing.
    6. Further afield, go to Coles Bay. I have fond memories of a tour of an oyster farm there, and sampling fresh oysters as they were pulled out of the water.
    7. Kabuki restaurant (between Swansea & Bicheno, I think): built on the rocks over the water. Magnificent views (and oysters)
    8. Back in Hobart, visit the Cascade brewery, (bookings necessary) for a fascinating tour of the brewery, followed by a tasting of the various brews in a beautiful garden setting.
    9. Mt Stuart: better views than Mt Wellington and not as bleak. Also a nice cafe there.
    10.Away from Hobart, visit Richmond, Ross, Oatlands, New Norfolk, Launceston (Cataract Gorge, Tamar Valley vineyards), etc etc.

    Enjoy!! & if you need any tips for Perth, I will be happy to oblige

  5. alan said

    Congrats. Bit puzzled about childhood sweetheart of 15 years How old are you two about 25? hardly makes you vintage. Take it from me I know vintage. Very romantic Tassie after you explain that she is not your sister things shld be fine. As for food and drink get into the cold climate Pinot Noirs anything from the sea and take a walk in thew wilderness while it is still there. Next time you go there will just be a big land clearing brought to you by Jim Lennon and Gunns sign.

  6. Kerneels said

    When on assignment in Canberra, I had a possum in the garden who used to come each evening to finish off the bird food and have a peep into the house. After a gap of a few days he turned up with Mrs Possum, surely a childhood sweetheart of his. Surprise, surprise, by the time I came to the end of the assignment, Mrs Possum had two teenagers on her back, and another two little faces peering out of her pouch! Clambering up to the high bird table with such a load was a noisy and clumsy process, so it would be wise to organise easier access to your own feeding table. Best wishes to both of you!

  7. Aspirational Aspirationalist said

    Congratulations Poss,

    The Nightwatchman has just said that the PM is still on an extended honeymoon

    I suppose that’s one way to describe 9% (down 1) vs 73%(up 3), but honeymoon isnt the words i’d be using.

    Today he’s in Tasmania on his “Listening tour”, maybe you could give him a call before you go down…. probably not.

    So what numbers are you getting in your prepolling, your primaries look solid. :-), you seem certain of a win come the weekend when the only poll that matters happens. Shouldnt be too hard for a recount. Mrs Possum to be, 1 vote for Possum, Possum, 1 vote for Mrs Possum to be and then the return the writs.

    So you don’t think you’ll have a hostile Senate ?, you probably went around to the Senators house asked both of them for their support in running for the top job and they gave you the nod.

  8. Lyn said

    Congratulations and good luck Possum.

  9. Amber Dekstris said

    Congratulations, Possum. 15 years makes for alot of material from which to draw embarrassing stories! Wear your best armour 🙂

    Strachan on the west coast has excellent fudge and is a lovely little spot. If you approach S via Queenstown then drive straight through Q without stopping; apart from that it is a beautiful drive from Hobart. There’s also a chocolate factory outside Devonport where you can watch it being made. And buy some, of course 😉

  10. marrickville mauler said

    Not exactly a secret but Prossers on the Beach in Sandy Bay is excellent – I still remember tempura prawns with strawberry sauce (seriously!) there as my best meal ever

  11. Bobby said

    Congrats Possum… speaking as a convert – you will be happier… its true I swear!

    My better half and I stayed here a few years ago (pre-kids – oh the serenity) Great atmosphere and the food was phenomenal.

  12. mate said


  13. Moondark said

    Congratulations Possum.

    How long do you furry little critters live any way?

    Cooler climate so good Rieslings, Chardonnay (if you like that stuff), Pinot Noir (although some average stuff around) and sparklings.

    Decent starting place is http://www.taswines.net (although why the wineries are not hyperlinked is beyond me) and http://www.ozwinetours.com/sitemaptas.html (although this is also a bit clunky to navigate, has decent info on wine regions though). Another site here: http://www.tasmaniavisitorsguide.com.au/wine.htm

    I personally like Moorilla Estate and Pipers Brook.

    Have fun

  14. Moondark said

    Oh forgot to mention, no visit to Hobart is complete without a visit to Cadbury’s chocolate factory. Have to book ahead these days so you might need to check it out before you go.

    Drink plenty of Boags and Cascade as well as the wine. All good 🙂

  15. steve_e said


    I wish and your sweetheart all the best for your future together.

    I like Doyle’s (upstairs) on the warf at Hobart – fresher fish is only available if you catch it yourself.

  16. Why said

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Possum on your impending nuptials.

  17. Mathew Cole said

    Congrats Poss;

    I give you for your wedding present a few lines from Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado:

    NANKI-POO: What’s “Conubial” mean?

    POOH-BAH: It’s a Japanese phrase for torture, darkness and despair. You know, being married.

    NANKI-POO: And what’s “non-conubial” mean?

    POOH-BAH: It’s a Japanese phrase that means happiness, sunshine and joy. You know, single.

    Enjoy the hichifying! 🙂

  18. JP said

    Congrats, Possum!

    You’re making me feel old, though – it’s nearly 15 years since my own honeymoon in Tasmania.

    I’ll heartily second the suggestion of Kabuki near Swansea (http://www.kabukibythesea.com.au/restaurant.html)

    And if you’re heading north from there towards Mt Elephant Pass, there was a tiny beachside shed somewhere near Chain of Lagoons called Wardlaw’s Cray Shack. Not flash, but fresh, fresh crayfish, and cheap too. They also sold a small, but excellent range of picnic necessities (macadamias in Belgian chocolate, and the like). As I said it looked like a garage, but we went back twice 🙂 I’m not sure if it’s still there – friends who visited Tassie recently failed to find it, but it was in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps a local could help confirm if it’s still there?

  19. DeeCee said

    Hello Possums!

    Heartiest congratulations. May you have a great day you’ll remember (with your sense of humour intact) and a super honeymoon you’ll always remember with joy.

    A wonderful old B&B (coaching inn??) in the Mole Creek area with a platypus-infested creek. And a trip to the Walls of Jerusalem, especially in a gale – the roar is unforgettable. Magic.

  20. jen said

    A quick hello from the Pollbludger site – congratulations and lots of good wishes., and have a fantastic time in Tassie.

  21. Ferny Grover said

    Possum, my hearty congratulations and much joy to you and your sweetheart. What a precious thing it must be to marry your childhood sweetheart.

    As for Tassie wine – now you’re talking! Tassie has lots of small (and I mean tiny) wineries, many run by weekend hobbyists. It also produces some of this country’s outstanding wines. It’s climate and soils lend themselves to Chardonnay, Reisling and Pinot Noir – and sparklies of course! Tassie produces some of the best of these.

    As for where to visit. My pick of the best cellar doors is Rosevears Estate overlooking the Tamar Valley (get in quick before Gunns takes it away!). Great accommodation, restaurant, views from the tasting area and fantastic Chardy and Pinot Noir. It’s all there.

    While in the neighbourhood Clover Hill is a beautiful winery, Bay of Fires is good (try the Reisling) and among the smaller wineries, Dalrymple Vineyards is good. Check out Tamar Ridge too.

    Around Hobart, try Domain A vineyard – they do a great Cab Sav and Merlo which is suprising for the region. Along the Derwent try Moorilla Estate and Stefano Lubiana.

    Check out the Winediva website for a summary of what’s on offer in Tassie: http://www.winediva.com.au/regions/tasmania.asp

    Have a truly amazing honeymoon – and let me know what wines/wineries you liked best!

  22. Burgey said

    Congratulations to our favourite marsupial.

    I echo the comments of Caf, and also recommend, if you are a golfer, a game at barnbougle Dunes in Bridport. It’s a public course so anyone can get on. One of Australia’s best courses, in my humble, hacking opinion.

    All the best for the big day and the big stay.

  23. JP said

    Steve_e @ 15:

    Do you mean Mures on the Wharf in Hobart? If so, I second that, too.

  24. Mark said

    Congratulations and best of luck. Especially in Taswegia. I am reminded of the volume and variety of furry roadkill sighted on our travels down there. Some were probably relatives of yours.

    On a more positive note, Fee & Me in Launceston served one of the most memorable meals in the blushing bride and my long (30+ years) experience. If you get to Strahan, make sure you spend an evening at the mutton bird rookery. And the Dalrymple pinot noir and Moorilla riesling are also memorable. Enjoy.

  25. 2353 said


    Congratulations and all the best. When visiting the Cadbury factory (it’s a must do) take a jacket with plenty of pouches – the samples are wonderful. There was a great Pizza shop at Sandy Bay 6 years ago when I was there last and the Lactos Factory at Burnie is worth a look.

    Have fun and “see” you when you get back.

  26. Jason said

    Congrats Poss to you and the lucky lady.

    Go to Bruny Is. Beautiful scenery, and great seafood, cheese, pinots and penguins! (you don’t eat the penguins, of course)

  27. Grumps said

    Congrats Poss

    May you Mrs Poss (to be) enjoy your day and come back reinvigorated from tasmaina. Ready to endure the horrors of a multitude of little poss’s (I don’t think you could be that old)

  28. Nyra Aherne said

    For the best food and wine guide to tasmania I recommend you go to http://www.tastingtasmania.com and buy the latest 2008 guide.

  29. ruawake said

    Congrats to you and Ms Possum.

    Suggest you both start growing your winter coats, it may be a little chilly compared to BrisVegas. 🙂

  30. Thomarse said

    Congrats Poss & Mrs Poss to be.

    My Mum & Dad were childhood sweethearts, their marriage lasted till Dad died.

  31. paul said

    Nice one.

  32. Editor said

    Congratulations Possum and Mrs Possum-to-be!

    Tasmania’s my old home state. If you get a chance take a drive down to Huonville, on to Cygnet and back around to Hobart through Kettering – beautiful valleys and rolling hills and lots of food and wine diversions along the way. The Tasman Peninsula for sheer spectacle and the East Coast is just magical. The Bay of Fires is worth the drive from St Helens.

    Being non-carniverous I can’t say much about the food (how many vegie lasagnas can you eat), although there is a great little Chinese vegetarian lunch place in Wellington Place in the heart of downtown Hobart. Salamanca Market on Saturday’s is always fun – check out Gillespie’s brewed-in-the-bottle ginger beer and oodles of cafes. The Pinnacle of Mount Wellington is brilliant on a clear day. In fact you can drive the old road to Huonville by going up ‘The Mountain’ to Ferntree and continuing South – the only way to get there when I was a kid – beautiful drive through rainforest and farm land.

    My favorite watering hole is The Lark Distillery near Constitution Dock in Hobart – a stone’s throw from Mures and the floating Fish and Chip boats. They have the largest selection of Whiskey I’ve ever seen and some local beers on tap – very popular with students, tourists, public servants and all-round cool people. The Lark whiskey is gold class and smoother than a shaved eyebrow! The indigenous pepperberry liqueur and gins are also very wonderful. You might not want to sample them all at once, but they are the best of their kind – and I’ve sample many a 15-yr old single malt.

    Friends of mine play acoustic music there on Fridays from 5.00 – 8.00 pm. Very civilised and great fun. Makes we wish I was coming with you!

    All the best.

  33. Roger said


    You just must spend an afternoon or evening at “The Shipwrights Arms” in Battery Point – Hobart – eating and drinking. It’s an original pub – off the beaten track – with lots of character. And depending on when you are there, you will find some of Hobart’s most interesting characters at the bar.

    Plus of course “Salamanca Market” – a real gem on a Saturday.

  34. Just Me said

    All the best to you both for a great day, and many, many more to follow.

    Never been to Tassie. I hear it gets cold, but has great apples, seafood, and wines.

  35. Harry Snapper Organs said

    Congratulations and enjoy the viticulture, agriculture and offerings for carnivores and particularly fishy substances available. There was one restaurant, somewhere or another on the North East coast run by an originally Parisian woman, who did fantastic food. I’ll see if I can winkle out the details!

  36. Rod said

    Congrats Poss

    All the best for the future and beyond.

    Queenstown is worth a look, just for its moon like landscape.

    Funny thing about the south west, they all look the same, I swear it.

    Walk with a limp, squint in the left eye, and a good beard.

  37. chokyi said

    Big tip for a small state – you don’t measure how far in kilometres some place is, you measure it in the time it will take to get there.

    What looks like a short 60k drive (not major highway stuff but the other roads) can take up to two hours – roads are narrow but well posted – beware of log trucks if you are on any dirt road. If you’ve been to France, Tassie roads have the same nomenclature.

    Been a while since i’ve lived there, but Cradle Mountain National park is a great day trip south of Devonport – the Frecinet Peninsular, the Tarkine Wilderness, the Franklin r and Gordon Dam (day trip out west from Hobbit, thru New Norfolk via various roadside Oast Houses (hops).

    And i second everything everyone above has said – both about congrats and have a great time – it’s a lovely state (to visit!).

  38. Enemy Combatant said

    Congratulations Possum.
    Tassie is a wonderful place to honeymoon. In the town of Franklin south of Huonville there are a couple of great seafood joints, not fancy to look at, but sensational fresh tucker. The other side of the river is a road that hugs the river all the way around to Cygnet. Very few tourists motor it and there are places if you like blueberries(what possum doesn’t) where you front up to the factory or rather “shed” door and can buy berries picked that day for 10 bucks a kilo.

    May you and your sweetheart have many happy years together!

  39. Zafar said

    Mazel Tov, a blessing on your heads, etc.

  40. jeff said


    In Hobart: stay, drink and eat at Moorilla Estate; come and go by water taxi. Also, Bellerive Village, by ferry or water taxi.

  41. Cat said

    Well done Poss – you have conned the poor woman good. I hope she gets a good laugh out of it at least.

    I recommend two things not for the quality of the food but for the ambience. The first is fish and chips from one of the floating vendors on Constitution Dock to be eaten sitting on the edge watching in amazement at how incredibly inactive the river is when yachties are not racing each other to be there. 🙂

    The second is a piece of anything you fancy at Port Arthur after you have done the full thing (most especially the isolation cells, the treadmill and the chapel). Sit with the vittles somewhere looking out at the Isle of the Dead and feel like you have absolutely no problems in the world and will never complain about a lumpy bed, crabby boss or commute to work ever again. (Obviously it will not last but at least you will have a moment of it).

    Good luck Poss 😉

  42. Swing Lowe said

    I’ll come out of semi-retirement to say congratulations to Possum.

    I hope you enjoy your well-deserved break from covering federal politics.

  43. KatieLou said

    Best wishes for your upcoming nuptials, Possum.

  44. MsLaurie said

    Yay Poss! Big congrats!

    Recommend the alcoholic apple cider, available from random pubs along Salamanca Place. Sit there, nurse your cider, watch the boats and the people, and consider how fabulous it is that everyone else you know is working hard for the money.

  45. wilful said


    In the north-east coast up near St Helens, Pyengana dairy company makes some fine cheeses. Just a bit further up the road is St Columba falls which are impressive after a bit of rain. Nearby is the Pub in a paddock, a folksy low-expectations nice place to stay. Food’s only passable but it’s nice to wake up somewhere so quiet. Feed the pig beer (if you dare). At St Helens the Village Store (northern part of town opposite post office) is brilliant – excellent coffee and huge breakfasts. Say g’day to Nic the owner there. Out at Binalong Bay/bay of Fires there’s a really nicely situated restaurant with an exceptional view. Heading south to Bicheno, I’d go one of the scallop pies for lunch. One of the bakeries makes an excellent one full of scallop meat.

    Further south the Freycinet Vineyard just near wineglass bay has the best australian champagne that I’ve ever tasted (though I’m no great expert).

  46. lulubelle said

    Best Wishes to you both, from our composite ringtail, canine and human household in Hawthorn (Vic).

    Excellent choice for your honeymoon, or a holiday any time of the year.

    I would like to second DeeCee who recommends the Mole Creek B & B. Charming hosts and a great “feel” to the establishment. Stay the night.

    For tranquil beauty try and see Liffey Falls.

  47. MB said

    Hearty congratulations Possum & Mrs. Possum! Hope to be reading news of upcoming furry little footsteps sometime soon … 🙂

  48. Su H said

    Congratulations. I envy you a leisurely trip around Tassie.
    Definitely the Kibuku Restaurant close to Swansea. I think they have accommodation as well.
    Have a great time.

  49. Andrew B. said

    Hey Pos

    Congrats, can’t blame you for coming down here to see wat heaven looks like 🙂

    If you like good woodwork, visit the place at Geeveston down south of Hobart, a good hour. You can do the air walk down there to, not bad, plenty of walks including the Hartz National park, views down the south west from there on a clear day are specy!

    If you’re going down the west coast detour via Waratah, just a little spot that this little black duck loves. Where else in the world would you end up with a village nestled around a lake and a water fall in the middle of it town? The pub serves ok food and I’m told the place next door is good too.

    From what clients told me when driving taxi’s in Launie, Fee & Me and Stillwater are two of the best in the country – I picked up a few customers who’d flown in just to have a meal at one or the other of them.

    Ross Bakery is good, they’ve use an old wood oven, great food. Andy’s at Westbury is pretty good too. The floating sea food shops on the Hobart waterfront are good. Bruny Is, great spot to spend a few days relaxing, nice walks around a the national park down there. Honeymoon Bay down Freycinet if you can get it by yourself 😉

    A lot of the others have been mentioned, you could easily spend several weeks checking the place out. Will second that thought re how long it takes to get between places though. Enjoy finding a few nice spots of your own though.


  50. B1 said

    Congratulations and all the best Poss.

    As a huge Tassie fan here a few recommendations:

    In Hobart I recomend The Prince Of Wales Hotel in Battery Point for eating and drinking; doesn’t look so impressive from the outside but will pleasantly surprise (need to book to eat on Weekends).

    Further out on the Tasman Peninsula about 10kms from Port Arthur – The Mussel Boys restaurant.

    South of Hobart at Franklin which is just past Huonville there is a great restaurant right on the river banks the name of which I can’t remember – can anyone help?

    Cradle Mountain is amazing and for a romantic place to stay try – http://www.cradlehighlander.com.au/index.html

    I’ll also reiterate a few comments already made – Strahan is great but when passing through Queenstown enjoy the moon like landscape but best not to slow down too much.

    Beware the distance in kms Vs time it will take to travel.


  51. tigtog said

    Coongratulations Possums!

    I don’t have anything to add to the various foodie/winie expertise, but I second someone’s upthread recommendation of Bruny Island (just south of Hobart). Fabulous place, well worth a night or two, and make sure you take the eco-cruise along the rugged Eastern coast – it’s absolutely fabulous (they provide the necessary huge waterproof jackets and fleecy hats etc for you). My kids still talk about it! (here’s some shots I took of the large pod of dolphins we saw that day)

  52. Norman said

    Great Tassie meal – anything cooked in a trangia washed down by something chilled in a creek somewhere like Walls of Jerusalem or in the middle of Cradle Mountain Nat Park, with a clear sky and a cosy tent for afters….

  53. Dave Mc said

    Congratulations and best wishes.
    Thanks so much for this blog that’s been great reading/insight!! I hope you have a beaut holiday 🙂

  54. Fagin said

    Best of luck, Poss. I also married my childhood sweetheart: the best thing that I ever did.

    Can I recommend the Customs House Hotel (owned in the 30s & 40s by an uncle of mine), which is located across the road from Tas Parliament House. They serve Tassie scallops in all forms, including as curried scallop pies.

    Tassie tucker is the best in the world: camembert cheese and smoked salmon in particular.


  55. Cat said

    Oh and Poss does this mean there will be wedding cake crumbs trailing across the header from now on? Not that I am suggesting Possums are messy eaters.

    May it pour rain into Brissie’s dam while you are dry and comfy in Tassie.

  56. Andrew B. said

    Just another note, beware, Targa is on from the 15/4 – 20/4. This results in a lot of road closures around the state, mainly around the north this year. It would probably pay to check out the targa site before you land here and make sure you’re not going to get caught in the midst of that unless of course that’s intended.

  57. Hamster said

    You little bewdy Possum! Hope you and Gemima Poss have a fine time in Tassie and all them other places you find on the journey. Don’t worry. We’ll all still be here when you get back.

    PS. I’m surprised no-one has mentioned where the Possums might find a nice apple.

  58. Greeensborough Growler said

    Good luck and best wishes to you both. A favourite loving song for a genuinely loving occaission.


  59. TrueBeliever said

    Best wishes! I married a childhood sweetheart of my own, and we’ve just passed our 10 anniversary. No one better to grow up and grow old with! You’ll love Tas.

  60. Stig said

    All the best to you & your intended! Check out the Boag’s brewery if you’re near the north end of the island, I hope Mrs Possum also likes a beer…

  61. Neocom said


    You be careful down in those forests poss!
    Not everyone in Tasmania is as green & cuddly as Bob “sideshow” Brown!

  62. Kate Ellis for PM said

    Congratulations Poss!
    If you were heading to Adelaide area I could help you with food and wines (the best in Australia- without doubt), but dont know much about Tassie. Although I must say they make some nice whites but NZ ones are better value for money.

  63. Evan said

    Congratulations Possum.

    Got hitched meself last September and can recommend it. Gotta say, though, the Missus fell 4 months later going down the stairs into the backyard and busted both her legs (too much plonk, or perhaps the prospect of chowing-down on my BBQ chops got her moving a bit fast). She has only now chucked-away the wheelchair and, like Lazarus, risen-up on her pins again.

    Touch wood.

    Better keep the plonk out of her reach.

    Cheers and best of British too ya.

  64. dylwah said

    Congrats Possum
    i guess that you will need a bigger roof.

    I can’t add anything to the alcohol list above, but if you are in a position to do any cooking on the north or north-west look out for Groenwalds Poultry, best free range chooks i have had, and yes they are better that Kanga island.


  65. Possum

    As a fully paid up and resident Tasmanian I probably should add my two bobs worth. First, congrats to you and your bride; marriage is a great thing.

    Most of the comments above about what to see and do in Tassie are first class. They say a local never really knows their own place, and many of the sights listed above I have not been to, although I should have by now!

    A couple of addenda.

    # had a great list of activities. I think he meant Mt Nelson, not Mt Stuart, as a recommendation over Mt Wellington though. Mt Stuart is ok, but it does not have cafe and is not a tourist destination. Mt Nelson has the better views, a visitor centre and a cafe. Much better. I still think you should go to the top of Mt wellington, too, if you have a car. The drive up itself is an experience (the road was built as work project for unemployed men during the depression) and the views from the summit unbelievable. The problem is that the wind up there would blow the milk out of your tea, but what do you expect when you can see Antarctica? (OK, that’s an exaggeration, but you can see a bloody long way.).

    # suggests a trip to Cadbury chocolate factory. Normally a good idea, except that this week they pulled the plug on them! Caused quite a bit of consternation down here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/04/15/2216986.htm

    The best way to see a harbour city is from the water (think Hong Kong, Sydney, New York). In Hobart, go down to the docks and book yourself a trip on the Cartela. Costs peanuts and the boat is a Hobart institution, having been on the water for over 100 years. It has a bar. MAKE SURE YOU RUG UP NO MATTER HOW SUNNY OR WARM IT MAY SEEM. The sea breeze in Hobart could cut through stainless steel.

    Having just re-read the above, it sounds like I am down on Tassie weather. Quite the contrary: Tasmanian weather is one of the best kept secrets around, and something most mainlanders misunderstand. An “average” day her is likely to be in the high teens, sunny and still. For some reason it often feels warmer here than it actually is. And the air! Fresh and clean, and the light is always bright. Whenever I come back to Tasmania, and step off that plane, it is always that first lungful of Tasmanian air that confirms in me that I am “home”. Just always pack a jumper!

    You will have a great time.

  66. stevet said

    Congratulations Poss. Does she understand what it means to be marrying a political tragic/junkie? My wife THOUGHT she did. She tries to understand.

  67. barbara said

    WOW! Good luck poss.

  68. kittylitter said

    Relayed via reb from hobart (blogocracy)

    Hobart and surrounds:

    Home Hill Winery & restaurant in the Huon valley (40 mins drive south of Hobart)

    Peppermint Bay restaurant (about 30 mins south of Hobart)

    Marque 4 restaurant (Hobart wharf precinct)

    A visit to the Coal River Wine making region (10 mins from the airport) for excellent Tassie cold climate wines – Pinot etc.

  69. AE said

    Congratulations Possum – all the best to you and Mrs Possum for your honeymoon and married life.

  70. Jenny said

    Congratulations, Possum, if you’re still receiving. (Last time I was in Tassie, it wasn’t great for internet cafes.) If you happen to be going to the north, I’d definitely second the recommendation of Pyengana dairy in between Scottsdale and St Helens. Further west, there’s a little fish shop down by the wharf in Wynyard where they smoke their own ocean trout, which is pretty sensational.

  71. Oldtimer said

    Congratulations Possumms

    You were a life saver in the long run up to 24/11/07!

    Life after ‘H’ is heaven.

  72. barney said

    Congrats Poss. I am ın Europe and only just caught up wıth the news. Enjoy your lıfe together.

  73. classified said


    We need you to come back, Mrs Possum can do with you what she will but the rest of us have NEEDS you know! :mrgreen:

  74. Greensborough Growler said

    Longest honeymoon since the arrival of Kevin Rudd.

  75. Trubbel at Mill said

    Is it healthy for possums to be on the nest for so long?

  76. Aspirational Aspirationalist said

    Poss, You’ll have a lot to write about when you get back, Including the Honeymoon.

    Iemma achieving the lowest recorded ratings for a NSW Premier, The West Australian Liberal Leader and the possible effect of disgruntled Gippsland voters who may determine the delay other members resignations. I think that Gippsland might be used to test the waters before an announcement of others who might retire if Gippsland goes to Labor.

  77. paul said

    Greensborough Growler Says:
    May 1, 2008 at 2:21 pm
    Longest honeymoon since the arrival of Kevin Rudd.

    I wonder if Shanahan is forecasting a sudden end to to the honeymoon period following a slight shift in the ‘Who wuvs Who more” stakes.

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