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Many thanks, some cake and a hidden gem

Posted by Possum Comitatus on May 3, 2008

A great many thanks from not only myself, but from the new Mrs Possum to all the well wishers and givers of magnificent advice over what to do and where to go in Tassie – especially the restaurants and little hidden secrets!

As a token of our appreciation, the best we can do is offer you a bit of virtual wedding cake :mrgreen:

It was actually hard bringing ourselves to put a knife through such a wonderful piece of artwork (the brides bra and undies sitting on the side of the spa brought much mirth to all).

If anyone is planning to get married on the mid-north coast of NSW anytime soon and is after something a little different as a wedding cake design, drop me a line and I’ll get you in touch with the lovely lady who made ours. She’s good fun and will make just about anything you can imagine.

Tasmania was simply fantastic, with only a single bad experience had (at a hotel that should know better and in a few days time most certainly will) – but what was really surprising is that the bit of Tassie we found the most breathtaking was also a place that is barely advertised – the small little micro settlement of Strathgordon that sits on the shore of Lake Pedder and is a good 70km of winding mountain road to the nearest piece of civilisation.

There’s a hotel of sorts right on the shore line – but what sets it apart is the unusual nature of it, the wonderful staff and what is directly outside the back door. The Hotel actually serves as the bar and restaurant for the literally handful of Hydro Tasmania workers that are up there servicing the Gordon Dam at any given time, so the whole thing seems to be subsidised by Tasmania Hydro to begin with – including the fuel bowsers out the front which have the cheapest petrol in Tasmania. It’s also the only building of any note in the town at all apart from a dozen or so units used to house the staff of the hotel and the Dam workers themselves.

But what makes it magnificent is when you look out the windows of the bar and dining rooms of the hotel and see this:

It’s incredible the way the weather changes every 5 minutes, from rain to fog to bright sunshine – often all trying to happen at the same time. As a result you end up with some of the most spectacular lighting of some really amazing geography.

Again, all taken from the Hotel.

It’s a 15 minute drive up the road to witness the powerful but mixed feelings of walking across the Gordon Dam, there are walking tracks into the National Park all around the place and apparently the trout fishing is brilliant.

And for the pollyjunkies that are reading – the hotel doesn’t make the mistake that so many others do by confusing “getting away from it all” with “complete and utter isolation from the outside world“, so you still have free access to a blistering satellite net connection in the hotel and Austar with Sky Nooz. So after your day of getting away from it all in the lakes and mountain wilderness of Tassie, you can curl up next to the fire with a pint of Wizard Smith ale, watching Sky News and surfing the net while waiting for your marinated wallaby on a char grilled vegetable stack to arrive from the kitchen.

Of all the places we saw in Tassie – this is the one we’ll go back to regularly.

So again, a big thanks to all for the advice and hints and here’s one back for all those that didn’t know about it.

I’ve got a bit of political catching up to do over the next day or so – but can someone please tell me what that idiot Buswell was doing sniffing that chair?


15 Responses to “Many thanks, some cake and a hidden gem”

  1. classified said

    Hello Mrs Possum, can he come out to play?

  2. Stephen Lloyd said

    That cake is truely awesome, Poss. 🙂

  3. Enemy Combatant said

    Admirable restraint demonsrated, Possum, while surfing the net at your Tassie retreat, to be able to refrain from making any comments about Mr. Boswell’s atavism or “taking part in” any other psephy stuff. Anyway, looking foeward to PP’s upcoming first anniversary. Got a hunch you’re sitting on a couple of pearler stories.
    And brilliant piccies from a truly beautiful part of our Great Southern Land. Where were they shot from again? Oh, yes….

    “But what makes it magnificent is when you look out the windows of the bar and dining rooms of the hotel and see this:”

    Although weasels are not, strictly speaking, members of the same species, your abovementioned sentence oughta rate you a “marsupial discount” next time you lob.

    “Of all the places we saw in Tassie – this is the one we’ll go back to regularly.”

  4. David Richards said

    Congratters to both you and Mrs Poss….

    As for the Boswell character.. maybe he’s addicted to crack and needed a good sniff?

  5. Aspirational Aspirationalist said

    Possum said “but can someone please tell me what that idiot Buswell was doing sniffing that chair?”

    The only things i can think of are :-

    Maybe he couldnt find a nightclub with exotic dancers to get kicked out of ?

    Trying to take the heat off the Nightwatchman’s approval ratings ?

    Trying to shake up parliament by reach out to the general public who may have dissolution in politicians who seem to take reelection for granted due to an unelectable opposition and have them thinking “I could do better so next time i’ll run for a seat”.

  6. Aspirational Aspirationalist said

    Just watching the proceedings at the NSW ALP Conference.

    Maybe Buswell was giving Aspirational Stand up comedians some material.

    ??? from the ETU was saying that “British Gas was out here recently sniffing around. (Small laughter)I dont think i should have said that”. (more laughter)

  7. Harry "Snapper" Organs said

    Great cake, Possum. Glad you and the lady Possum enjoyed Tassie. Pollytics continues to offer much mirth and jolly japes. This last week, in the form of the previously unknown Buswell’s sterling impersonation of a fourteen year old boy trying to figure out what hormones do. Apparently, he thought it was funny. Couldn’t figure out why other people didn’tlaugh.

  8. Vino Veritas said

    Congratulations on your nuptials Possum, loved the photos of the lake etc. Looks like a little bit of paradise.

  9. Ian said

    I had my honeymoon in Tassie 11 years ago. Had twins 7 months later.
    Didn’t go back for the 10th anniversary as intended, spent a week on Club Med Lindeman Island, minus the twins and their little brother instead.
    They all want to go to Tassie!
    Best of luck with it, best thing you can do. Best of luck with your twins too.

  10. Doublespeak said

    Boswell thought it was a safe seat but wasn’t sure so he gave it the scratch and sniff test. Unfortunately in his case it is like to be the sniff and then scratch.

  11. Cat said

    Welcome back Poss! Fabuous cake – its photo is zinging off to the States shortly to show an American friend what real Australians mean by “relaxed and comfortable”.

    As to the sniffer the question is not why he sniffed but why it took two years for his colleagues to leak the said sniffing. Were they actually worried they might be capable of winning later in the year if there was not a sniff of a scandal to derail them?

  12. So pleased to hear that you and Mrs Poss have done the deed and also gone to Tassie. Great photos, great cake, great blog, great Scott.

    Now, if only more ladies rode bicycles…

  13. BigBob said

    Now I just feel sad about what we have had to leave behind coming to Melbourne.

  14. Great photos. Imagine what it would have been like before the dam!

  15. wilful said

    Brilliant spot that – and you can get a pan fried trout straight out of the lake.

    The petrol bowsers must be newly available for the public – when we were there we almost ran out of petrol on our motorbikes on the way out.

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