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Updates here and there.

Posted by Possum Comitatus on July 7, 2008

The US Election page has been updated with the latest Intrade data and I had an article in Crikey today similar to the post on the changing demographics of Coalition support, but I also had this chart in there which sums up the last two Newspolls on climate change and views over an emissions trading system. Worth looking at in the context of the demographic changes and their consequences for political positioning – especially in terms of how the Coalition needs to pick up younger voters.


2 Responses to “Updates here and there.”

  1. Enemy Combatant said

    Possum, BillBo is about to pull the plug on his US threads. William mentioned he might do this if the WA election was called and gave habitues warning of such about a month ago, however William has acted earlier than expected and has called the current thread as “The Finale”.
    Do you have the bandwidth, the inclination and/or the patience to handle the overflow action under your “US Election” tag?

  2. Kirribilli Removals said

    I’ve always thought this part of Possum’s territory was a more ‘natural habitat’ for us mob, so maybe we get to find out.

    As for Sydders in the spring Ecky, I’m up for it,(circumstances allowing of course) but not taking on organising anything I may not be able to see through.

    Anyone else want to secure a Nov 5th venue for some desperado bloggers and incurable US election junkies?

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