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Newspoll Tuesday – ‘Where has the decent political Oz Rock gone’ edition

Posted by Possum Comitatus on August 12, 2008

Another Tuesday, another Newspoll, another kick to The Nightwatchman.

The Nats are up 1 to 5%, bringing the Coalition up 1 to 38% on the primary vote, sitting behind Labor unchanged on 47%. The TPP remains unchanged from last poll on 57/43 to Labor.

Feeding it into our Pollytrack series – currently running a pooled sample of 3933 for a minimum MoE of 1.56% -we get:

Throwing last weeks polls into our larger local regression series, which has had this Newspoll as well as a new Morgan face to face added since last time, we get:

Currently our regression lines for the primary votes sit on 45.9/39.9 to the ALP, while our TPP lines sit on an ALP lead of 55.7/44.3.

Meanwhile, can someone tell me where all the decent political Oz Rock has gone? Maybe I’m just getting old and listening to the wrong things, but for mine I think its time the world brought back Spy vs Spy!


11 Responses to “Newspoll Tuesday – ‘Where has the decent political Oz Rock gone’ edition”

  1. caf said

    It’s not exactly Rock, but what about The Herd?

  2. Fagin said

    “Political Rock”

    There’s an irony in the fact that the most successful protest rock acts came during the Hawke/Keating era (1983-96). Bands such as Spy vs. Spy, Goanna, Hunters & Collectors and Midnight Oil really did have the power and the passion.

    The Howard years saw a steep decline in the quality and quantity of Australian made protest rock.


    We surely can’t blame John Howard, can we?

    Poker machines are a part of the problem. I can vaguely remember spending too many Friday and Saturday nights stumbling around from gig to gig in Surry Hills and Newtown, where protest rock flourished in the smoke filled back bars of forgotten, grimy pubs. Those were happy, hazy angst ridden days. I’m way too downtrodden, married and common – as well as poker machine intolerant – for such formerly gritty inner-Sydney suburbs and their boutique bars these days. Inner-Sydney pub-rock culture is kaput: the back bars of old are sadly filled with the soul-less lights and whistles of poker machines. Vale the back bar of olde.

    Perhaps 1980s protest rock was a result of pent-up and delayed Cold War fears. The world is yet to fully digest new and even more dangerous threats: Global terrorism and Global Warming. A new form of “green rock” awaits us.

    Or maybe we’re just getting old and grumbling that today’s music is frivolous and self-centred in comparison to the good old days, when great rock’n’roll singer/songwriters such as Mark Seymour, Shane Howard and the man formerly known as Peter Garrett pricked the political consciousness of an entire generation. Of course those were the days when there was such a thing as singer/songwriters…

    Let’s just blame young people… and John Howard!

  3. jethro said

    I used to have that Spy Vs Spy album — “A.O. Mod TV Version” I think it was called. The title stands for “Adults Only Modified For TV Version”, which was commonly the rating for moofies on the tele that had any hint of swearing, sex or violence. The music was a mixture of U2, Oils, Rush and The Police.

    I think the dudes from Spy Vs Spy found religion which us why they’re not producing political rock and/or roll these days.

  4. Xercius said

    I’m with you, Fagin. Reckon that’s about right (on all counts. Particularly the ‘ . . .getting old and grumbling . . .’ bit).

    Green rock? (shudder). Still . . . who can remember Clouds and ‘Cloud Factory’. That track has a new resonance these days.

    (PS, Poss: Can you grab a copy of Time Off sometime and tell me if the Trevor Hart Quartet are still playing Rics Cafe Tuesday nights?).

  5. Danzilla said

    Gotta agree with Caf – it’s there if you look for it. I’ve been listening to this one from the Herd a lot lately.

  6. Fozzy said

    Whilst the political rock may have ended with JWH, I have to thank him for one thing – I’d never been in a political street march until he was elected. I’ve been in a number now. 😉

    Somewhat off topic …

    Poss, have you seen Graphjam? A mixture of graphs popular music (and movies). A good diversion feed in my RSS reader.

  7. Greeensborough Growler said

    It’s the gliding!

  8. Classified said

    GG @ 7 😆

  9. David Richards said

    ahem – what about the early pioneers of political rock – Skyhooks?

    As far as current crop of bands go – if they’re not ripping off riffs or entire songs, they seem to be in dire need of decent lyricists.

  10. Possum Comitatus said

    The Gliding.. heh!

    Xercius, cant see them advertised to play at Ric’s Bar anytime soon I’m afraid.

  11. Xercius said


    Thanks Poss. Must have faded away.

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