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WA Election

Posted by Possum Comitatus on September 6, 2008

Today is the day for WA, with a Newspoll out in The Oz showing the election to be neck and neck. Throwing those Newspoll results into the longer Newspoll view for WA State politics, we can update our charts.

Vote Estimates and Better Premier Rating

Satisfaction Ratings

Net Satisfaction Ratings

The Newspoll taken over the 10th to 14th of August didnt publish satisfaction ratings for the new leader of the Opposition, yet the current values are actually on the chart – they’re just clustered around Carpenter’s ratings.

Net Satisfaction for Carpenter at the moment is -6%, or -6.7% once undecideds are removed.

For the WA Opposition, net satisfaction is sitting on -3%, or -3.6% once undecideds are removed.

While the polls say it’s tight, the betting markets all have Labor around $1.30 and the Coalition sitting between $2.30 and $3.00.

Since I know about the intricacies of the WA State electorate slightly less than I know about 17th century sponge cake making – WA homeboy William Bowe at Pollbludger is the one to read.

Down in the Lyne by election, Oakeshott will win on the primary vote alone and over in Mayo – one of the more peculiar seats in the country, they too are voting for a new member, and it’s hard to imagine it would be anyone else other than the Liberal candidate Jamie Briggs.


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